Home Home and Garden 3 Things You Need to Know are Secretly Damaging Your Home

3 Things You Need to Know are Secretly Damaging Your Home

3 Things You Need to Know are Secretly Damaging Your Home

You love your house – we all do! And why not? House isn’t just a place made of cement and bricks for your stay – it’s much more than that. It’s a home, a place where you live, feel safe and make cherished memories with your loved ones. You spend money to make it comfortable, presentable and according to your taste and standard. It’s one of your most valuable assets which you want to protect at all cost.You install an expensive security system or keep a guard to protect your house. But little do people know that there are some things which secretly damage their cherished asset without their knowledge.They don’t find it out until the damage gets irreparable or huge financial burden.

If you don’t want to go through the trauma of seeing your home getting worn-out or damaged, here is your guide:

Downgraded Foundation:

Downgraded Foundation
Foundation of a house is very essential to hold and keep the structure of the house intact. And a downgraded foundation is a major threat to the whole structure of the house. This threat is more likely to capture owners of old houses. Sometimes, weather conditions and poor drainage system results in water seepage in the base of the house, which makes the foundation damp over time. And the moist foundation is one of the major causes of its degradation.

Make sure to take appropriate measures to prevent water seepage in the base. And in case your foundation has already degraded, then it’s better to hire trustworthy foundation repair services through recommendation or by searching http://www.removeandrestore.ca/service/foundation-repair/ online.

Adding Extra Space without Consultation:

Big families need more space, but it doesn’t mean that you can add more rooms in your home without consultation. Even adding a wall amidst a big hall without consulting a professional can end you up in big time trouble. Your house foundation has a set capacity to hold the structure without letting it collapse. Overburdening the foundation can crack the structure which will not only put you in danger in case of extreme weather conditions and natural disasters, but its maintenance will also cost you a huge sum.

It’s always better to contact an architecture before taking any step related to adding more space. He can better analyze either your foundation can hold more burden without leaking cracks or not.

Not Repairing Wall Cracks:

Not Repairing Wall Cracks
Most homeowners ignore the little cracks in walls and leave them unrepaired. But these little cracks when left untreated can turn into big monsters which can engulf your money and property.

The little crack can get enlarged with the passage of time, or many other cracks might branch from this little crack – in either of the cases, it can be dangerous to the structure of your home.Significantly, if you see a crack in supporting walls and columns, repair it on a priority basis to avoid any trouble.

It is always better to regularly perform home maintenance and let a professional examine your home yearly to figure out any structural damage or flaw before it turns into a big trouble.