Perhaps your kitchen just needs a bit of attention, or maybe a complete overhaul. Either way, it’s time to bring your kitchen into the 2020s, with a sleek modern makeover.

Mastering the modern look isn’t as hard as it might seem. Even if your kitchen is a true fixer-upper, it can be completely transformed with a few creative design choices, shortcuts and a little imagination. Whether you’re looking to make some big changes, or a few small adjustments, here are a few simple steps to mastering the modern look in your kitchen.

New lighting

Lighting shouldn’t be an afterthought; it is what will make your kitchen. The right lighting means the right atmosphere, increased sense of space, and better functionality.

Pendant lights over an island or central table will add a dramatic focal point to the space, while under cabinet spotlights make for easier food preparation while also making the walls appear further back. Lights on top of cabinets can even create the illusion of greater ceiling height. 

Consider the various lighting needs of different parts of your kitchen. Dining areas need more ambient, warmer light than cooking or cleaning areas. A dimmer switch will make it easy to adjust the lighting in an instant.


Remove your upper cabinetry

A truly modern kitchen should feel open and uncluttered. Many older kitchen designs feature walls of upper cabinetry to store crockery and cookware, but too many wall cabinets – especially in a smaller kitchen – will make the room feel crowded and less open.

Consider replacing your cabinets with open shelving, on which you can display your more attractive dishes alongside a few decorative items. It will make the room feel much bigger, especially if you light them with a few inexpensive spotlights.

Replace your countertops

Countertops take up a lot of space in your kitchen. If they’re older designs of tile and grout or cheap laminate, it will be impossible for your kitchen to feel like an elegant, modern space.

So replace them. The variety of options out there is truly staggering. Choose a material that is both attractive and durable, namely stone, wood or resin and polymer, depending on your style and budget. You can even go more creative, by using a heavy-duty structural material for your counters, such as brick, concrete, or a more modern tile.

Consider new cooker hood designs

In order to master the modern look, you may need to replace a few of your old appliances. However, if the appliances themselves are in good condition and don’t detract from your desired aesthetic, you can get away with keeping them. Find the Best Induction Cookware Reviews here.

Your cooker hood, however, is a different story. The cooker hood is not just a purely functional item. If it’s old or overly bulky, it will stick out like a sore thumb in a sleek modern kitchen. 

Cooker hood designs have come a long way in recent years, with companies like Cooker Hoods UK specialising in a wide range of highly functional designer kitchen hoods, including the kitchen canopy design, which fits discreetly beneath shelving or cabinets. The kitchen canopy hood may be the best option for an uninterrupted modern look.


Paint existing cabinets

For homeowners on a budget, painting and staining tired kitchen cabinets is a money-saving alternative to installing a whole new set. Opt for a bold colour, sleek black, or dazzling white to give them modern appeal.

Fresh flooring

Rolled vinyl or linoleum flooring is ugly, dated and far from durable. It has no place in a busy modern kitchen, so swap it out for something that will do the job better and add value to your home: wood, stone or tile. 

You can buy ceramic tile that mimics the look of hardwood or opt for slate or travertine.

From big changes to a little elbow grease, there’s nothing stopping you from mastering the modern look in your kitchen.