Butterflies on wall

To give the apartment’s interior bright, distinctive features, you can decorate the room authentically with ready-made accessories and hand-made elements. Perhaps not too creative, but very diverse in its execution is the idea of ​​decorating a room with flying butterflies. They can be placed on ceilings and walls, on textiles, and on lighting fixtures – butterflies in the interior of any room will always be in place.

Features of the interior with butterflies

1. Features of the interior with butterflies

When developing such an interior, it is essential to stop in time and not overdo it. Otherwise, this leitmotif from the secondary, emphasizing the style and design of the details, will become the dominant of the invention. As a result, the room will look too “overloaded,” complete, and furniture, wallpaper and ceiling, flooring and lighting fixtures, textiles, and accessories will lose their connection with each other and a single stylistic concept. In such a room, it will be impossible to concentrate attention on a particular zone or point of attraction – it will scatter, subconsciously highlighting only individual fragments with butterflies from the general picture, or, conversely, the viewer will no longer see butterflies, but many small insects, spots spreading around the apartment …

But suppose this decor is used correctly, taking into account the geometry of the room, its style, and current design. In that case, butterflies will help visually expand the space, correct proportions, and give a feeling of spaciousness, lightness, and openness. The room will acquire festive features, but, at the same time, it will also have a coziness, which distinguishes only those spaces in which the owners have invested their souls, and not only money and hired labor.

Butterflies and general rules for interior decoration

For the general background and decor elements to combine and complement each other, apply the rules followed by experienced designers. So:

  • if the room is decorated in a monochromatic calm range, butterflies should stand out against this background with a bright color accent;
  • moths should be made in one color palette, consisting of 2, maximum three shades similar to each other;
  • the play of contrasts looks organically, for example, white butterflies with black edging and a black pattern on the wings, alternating with black moths with white edging and a white way on the wings;
  • You need to highlight one thing – color or decor. So, if you plan to decorate the wings with a complex pattern, use neutral paints. If only the silhouette of a flying butterfly is painted on the walls, play with its colors;
  • Use decor from one significant, attention-grabbing element with clearly traced details, or decorate the wall with a flock of tiny moths of different sizes flying in one (other) direction.

Suppose the decor in the form of butterflies is used to decorate walls or ceilings. In that case, you no longer need to duplicate it with textile elements, lampshades, other accessories, or a sandblast pattern on furniture.

By the way, another important point – butterflies can be flat and three-dimensional even in the drawing, so think over which images appeal to you more. We offer a volumetric version – it gives the impression of movement and dynamics.

Decoration style and butterflies

2. Decoration style and butterflies

Even though butterflies are associated with romance, girlhood, spring, such an ornament will look appropriate in almost every direction. The primary condition is to choose the suitable material (if we are talking about accessories) or decor format.

So, for example, the Scandinavian style is perfectly complemented by hanging butterflies made of wood, decorating a window or a floor lamp, and the hi-tech or loft-style is completed by the strict glass or metal moths, suspended or installed on wall shelves.

If we talk about drawings on the wall, then the art deco direction will be complemented by butterflies drawn in rounded lines and complemented by floral ornaments. The modern interior will be enhanced by moths, depicted in the style of the trail, which has become widespread in fashionable abstract tattoos.

In the bedroom of a young couple or girl, graceful figures of moths, cut out of paper or vinyl, neatly glued to the wall, will be appropriate. Their wings will begin to flutter from the slightest breeze, creating the effect of tenderness and fantastic lightness, emphasizing the romantic atmosphere.

Classic interiors interspersed with details from historical eras, which are adored by modern representatives of bohemia and the secular elite, will be decorated with butterflies made of tightly starched expensive fabric – satin, brocade silk, velvet, which can be placed on curtain lambrequins, pinned to walls covered with fabric, made of them a wall panel.

Lace and knitted butterflies and moths in macrame style will be appropriate in Provence or shabby chic style, and folk “shades” of the country or ethnic trends will emphasize clay, mosaic, and forged openwork moths that can become a fabulous wall decor and perform certain functions, for example, to be the mat for photographs.

How to decorate walls with butterflies?

3. How to decorate butterflies on walls

If you decide to decorate the walls with butterflies, the easiest option is to buy wallpaper with this print. There are many variations – from beautiful dense wallpaper with silk thread decorated with an elegant pattern to wallpaper for children’s rooms with cartoon moths. To divide the space into zones or change its geometry, you can select only one of the walls with such wallpaper or alternate plain stripes with decorative canvases.

A more complicated option is to apply a drawing to the walls using a prepared stencil. You can use a stencil of one, but preferably several sizes to create perspective. The stencil is used on walls with plain or textured wallpaper for painting and painted walls. To work, you need to buy acrylic paints or watercolors that create delicate transparent shades. To make butterflies look more elegant, you can use sequins and sequins, lace elements, or beads as decoration, which are glued to the wall surface using thermal glue and a particular gun.

Separate sections of the wall can be decorated with paper, cardboard, or vinyl butterflies, and ready-made bright and colored stickers that will appeal to every girl are suitable for decorating children’s rooms. An exciting and non-standard approach will be butterflies cut from old maps or newspapers, which can be artificially aged by dipping them in tea leaves and drying them with a hairdryer. This decor is suitable for decorating a wall with books or a work desk and rooms furnished in a classic “English” style.

Butterflies can be “seated” on interior items on the walls – on mirrors and photo frames, on picture frames or a floor vase, on bookshelves and flowerpots, choosing the material and color by the color and texture palette of the products themselves and the premises in general.


4. Outcomes

As you can see, being a designer, on the one hand, is a fascinating occupation. Still, on the other hand, not everyone has enough imagination to come up with something new, unbroken, corresponding to the idea of ​​the room and its style. But, using ready-made design ideas, you can bring new features into a well-known interior, re-arrange stylistic accents in it and divide the space into functional zones. And butterflies in the interior are just such ideas – they are well known to everyone, but at the same time, they do not get tired of surprising with their creativity in each new interpretation. They will be organic in any interior, so don’t be afraid to use this idea to decorate your living space!