Cotton is the natural material of choice for generations, but there are also many reasons to make it your go-to fabric. Cotton bedding provides a breathable environment and can be easily cleaned with water or even just by airing out after you’ve stripped off any sheets that might have been soiled during use. Whether you’re looking for new products in cotton fabrics like clothes, linen sets including duvet covers and pillowcases, towels and other household linens —or something as simple as a natural cotton mattress —you can make the smart choice for your body. 

Why synthetic fabrics can be bad

Synthetic materials like polyester and foam have been linked to a variety of health problems, such as trapping heat. This is especially problematic if you sleep hot or find it difficult to regulate your temperature at night; they can also cause allergies over time. Cotton mattresses are made from natural fabrics that absorb moisture but do not trap odours in the same way synthetic materials do – making them breathable and comfortable against the skin too.

Cotton and wool are super fabrics

Nature has gifted us with two materials that are perfect for the most trying of seasons; cotton, which is known to absorb sweat and regulate humidity levels whereas wool regulates body temperature. The natural fibers come into their own during winter when an extra layer of warmth can make all the difference on cold nights or in summer months where it wicks away moisture from skin so you don’t overheat your bedding. For this reason alone we rely upon these fabrics as a go-to material for many different purposes: As soon as nature starts getting rough they’re there to provide insulation against either heat or cold, regulating our bodies’ needs while also making sure not to let any sweat escape through clothing, or into your mattress. 


A cotton mattress is the smart choice for allergy sufferers

When it comes to allergy sufferers, cotton mattresses are the natural choice, especially an organic one. Not only do they have a hypoallergenic and antibacterial quality that helps those with skin sensitivities, but also their chemical-free composition is one of the key reasons why synthetic mattress may not suit your needs as well if you suffer from allergies or sleep difficulties like back pain which can be exacerbated by an uncomfortable surface.

The organic cotton difference

An organic cotton mattress is the smart choice for you and the planet. Mass produced mattresses are full of plastics which can be bad for you and the environment – our sealife choke on it and our landfills are full of polymers which never degrade. An organic mattress will degrade naturally and help you sleep better in the meantime.