Denmark attracts people with its beautiful nature and architecture. Dianalund is a pretty town in Denmark that boasts about attractive natural places. If you are planning to move there for your job or just to enjoy the beauty and a peaceful life, one of the toughest problems is, finding an apartment. 

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Moreover, you need to know about the rental law in there and how the process works, before you book one. This article helps you, as a tenant become aware of those aspects.

Rental Contract

If you have decided to be a tenant to live in, then there must be a written lease agreement between you and the landlord. This agreement legally binds both the parties and describes the obligations as well as rights of landlord and tenant. Though a verbal agreement is enough, written form is needed when you need to prove something if needed.


When you have decided to move in as a tenant, the landlord has the right to charge you three months rent as deposit and rent for the first month. This deposit amount is exclusive of utilities. The landlord has also got the right to claim up to three months’ rent from his tenant. In total you will have to pay 7 months of rent in advance.

Key Handover

At the time of key handover, you and the landlord will be inspecting the tenancy to make sure about the defects and conditions of the property. All the details will be noted down in a form called move-in report. If there is any, the landlord may fix it or note it in the report. This will be helpful to you at the time of moving out.

Rental Act1


Apart from the rent, your landlord will charge you for utilities including electricity, water and heating. This may be charged in three methods.

  • You will have to pay a fixed amount in advance, the difference between the actual and paid amount will be settled in future.
  • The landlord may include the utilities along with the rental. In which case, you won’t be charged extra even if the actual bill is higher.
  • The landlord may ask you to pay the bills directly to the utility companies. In that case, if you fail making payments, electricity and heat will be switched off. 


If your rental period is for some specific time period, when the period expires, you will have to vacate tenancy. However, when you want to move out before the notice period then, you will have to give your termination in writing to your landlord. In some special cases, the landlord has the right to terminate or dissolve the rental contract.

Move Out Report

If your landlord has rented only one tenancy, there is no need of inspection at the time of moving out. Otherwise, inspection has to be performed within two weeks and a report is prepared by the landlord and handed over to the tenant. You can sign it only if you agree with the contents of the report.