From time to time, you surely want to improve the little details in your house to make the space feel like a home. This applies the most to living rooms, which are the focal points of houses, where the whole family meets or where you watch a movie in the evening. But, because you have so many options for redecorating the living room, it might be hard to opt for something from the start. But don’t worry, as this is why trends have been created so that you will not need to spend time thinking about how your living room should look like. You can just follow the trends created by designers.

Curious to find out what the trends are for 2024? Keep reading to find out more. 

Statement lighting

People usually opted for utilitarian lamps and overhead lighting in the past, but things seem to change in 2024. This happens because the dramatic statement lighting appears to become the interior design star of the room. This is why you will probably see many statement pieces online, whether they are constellation-inspired celestial fixtures or cascading amber pendant lights. They look particularly good in living rooms, offering a focal point, adding dimensions, and creating an interesting play between shadows and light. 

In 2024, sculptural shapes, metallic finishes, and materials like wood and rattan will be very trendy, so you might want to look at some options that will enhance the look of your living room. Additionally, don’t be scared to select bigger pieces, as they will improve the aesthetic of your room even more. 

Layer textures

Layering textures is also a trend present in 2024 that will make your living room more appealing. In most cases, people want visual stimulation and a tactile touch that can be done with numerous patterns and textures, especially in the living room. Layering will add comfort and coziness to a space and enhance the look of your room. Additionally, layering will bring a lot of texture and depth, and designers worldwide have tried their best over the years to come up with the best solutions to add textures. 

The fabric of the furniture is also an important consideration, and you could choose between many alternatives to add a homey feeling to your house, including leather, velvet, or linen. Stain resistant fabric is also a great idea, as it is easy to clean, making it the perfect option if you have kids or pets. 

Hand-painted murals

In 2024, you should also expect to see custom murals in houses, restaurants, or hotels, as this artistic trend has already infiltrated and will continue to do so. The murals can be painted directly, or you can opt for a removable wallpaper to add shape and color and enhance the look of your personal space. 

When it comes to what you want to paint, you have quite unlimited options, whether you wish to add geometric illustrations, abstract designs, or tropical palm prints. You can also consider opting for a more customized design and painting something related to your favorite travel location or hobby. 

Maximalism is becoming popular again

If people have wanted to have a minimal design in the past few years, things will change in 2024, when homeowners will want to embrace a nostalgic feeling. This feeling can be made with the help of patterns, textures, and colors that will create a more diversified look. Suppose you want a maximalist interior design for your house. In that case, you should add beautiful and colorful rugs, consider bold patterns and colors, and display travel artifacts or different art pieces. There are no rules in maximalism, and you can surround yourself with all the little things you love while adding depth and an interesting vibe to your room. 

Oversized pieces

In 2024, adding oversized pieces is also a trend that continues to be popular, which includes oversized ottomans, rugs, chairs, and even tables that make a room more visually appealing. All these furnishings will add texture and make you want to spend a lazy morning lying on the sofa and staring at your surroundings. Oversized chairs will always be more comfortable, while rugs in chunky knits can offer a cozy texture in a room. You can even opt for giant floor vases that will add a visual focal point and add flowers to bring texture to your room. 

Redesign but focus on sustainability

Sustainability continues to be a trend in 2024, as people have become more aware of their environmental impact and don’t want to increase their carbon footprint. This is why customers will prefer to focus on ecology preservation and climate change and choose eco-friendly options, like vintage or upcycled furniture, that don’t contain toxic materials. 

This is why it will be good to buy products from ethical brands that have changed their operations to focus on sustainability. Additionally, you can support local craftsmen and artists who usually promote eco-friendly products. Or you can look around you and find new purposes for all the things you no longer need, as this will also promote a purpose-driven design. 

Green living elements

Green living is also a trend for 2024, as more homeowners want to add biophilic elements to their designs. People crave a connection with nature, which is why nature-inspired elements have become popular over the years. Plants are a great idea for incorporating elements from nature, as they will make a room more visually appealing and improve the air quality. 


These are just a few of the trends in interior design in 2024. They all focus on improving a house’s aesthetics, helping people worldwide have more interesting houses, and solving individuals’ needs.