10 Bathroom Trends to Try in 2024

Moody Marble

Veiny marble adds luxury to surfaces like shower walls and countertops, elevating the bathroom's elegance.

Checkerboard Tile

Versatile and visually interesting, this timeless pattern blends traditional and modern appeal, making it perfect for bathroom floors.

Accent Molding

Textured profiles like fluted or reeded add interest to walls and furniture, enhancing the overall design of the bathroom.

Dramatic Wet Walls

Entire walls covered in tile or mosaic add drama and sophistication to bathroom designs while being functional.

Backlit Mirrors

Modern and minimalist, backlit mirrors and integrated ceiling lighting offer stylish illumination to the bathroom.

Natural Materials

Marble, wood, ceramic, and clay infuse richness and warmth into the bathroom, creating a timeless and elegant look.


Fixtures with curvature create a contemporary and spa-like atmosphere, promoting relaxation and modern design.

Textured Stone Accents

Bold stone accents add visual texture and character to the bathroom space, providing a striking feature element.

Plaster Shower Walls

Sleek and modern, plastered shower walls offer a clean look and are easy to maintain, offering an alternative to traditional tile.

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities with ample storage optimize space and add a contemporary touch to bathroom designs, keeping the space clutter-free.