10 Elegant Home Decor Items to Elevate Your Space This Spring

Floral Pillows

Add floral pillows to your living room or bedroom for a pop of color and a springtime feel.

Floral Shower Curtain

Bring the feeling of spring into your bathroom with a floral shower curtain, creating a fresh and vibrant atmosphere.

Lighter Bedding

Swap out heavy winter bedding for lighter, brighter options to create a springtime feel in your bedroom.

Sunny Tablescape

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere by incorporating bright colors, patterns, and fresh flowers into your dining table setup.

Lemon Centerpiece

Add a unique and refreshing touch to your decor with a lemon centerpiece, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

Colorful Bookshelf

Redecorate your bookshelf with brighter hues and lighter textures to infuse a springtime feel into your living room or bedroom.

Whimsical Roman Shade

Add a fresh pop of color, like baby blue, to your bedroom decor with a whimsical Roman shade.

Fresh Throw Pillows

Swap out heavy winter throw pillows for lighter, brighter options to create a springtime feel in your living room or bedroom.

Botanical Gallery Wall

Hang a set of floral prints over a bench or in a hallway to add a touch of spring to your entryway, creating a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere.

Spring Wreaths for Front Door

Welcome guests into your home with a touch of springtime cheer by adding a spring wreath to your front door.