10 Home Decor Trends to Ditch by 2024

Open Concept

Designers are moving away from open concept floor plans towards smaller rooms for a cozier and more intimate feel.


While shiplap had its moment, its coastal warmth is best suited for specific settings and doesn't need to be everywhere in your home.

Metal Hoods

Aesthetic wood or plaster hoods are replacing metal hoods above stoves, as metal can give a colder feel to the kitchen.


Monochromatic design is losing its popularity, with interiors embracing more personality and depth through varied color schemes.


The minimalist trend is fading, with more emphasis on timeless decor, antique pieces, and statement furniture.

Ultra-Light Wood Tones

Lighter wood tones are losing favor, with warmer and richer wood tones becoming more stylish in 2023.

All-White Kitchens

All-white kitchens are becoming less popular, with people opting for pops of color or different shades of white for added depth.

Word Art

Large metal signs with phrases like "kitchen" are losing appeal, with homeowners preferring more sentimental artwork and unique vintage pieces.

Modern Farmhouse

The Modern Farmhouse trend, characterized by neutral colors and industrial accents, is overstaying its welcome. Designers recommend trying something new.

Plaster Wall Finishes

Plaster wall finishes with a Tuscan-inspired design are becoming less popular, with smoother and more modern finishes taking their place.