10 Hottest Colors in Home Decor This Spring


This rich and serene color adds depth to any space, offering versatility for both casual and formal atmospheres.

Unique and Eclectic Colors

Embrace vibrant and individualized colors and designs to infuse character and personality into your home decor.


Incorporating curved shapes and designs can bring visual interest and a sense of flow to your living spaces.

Coastal Textures

Utilize natural wood, distressed surfaces, and coastal elements like greenery, rattan, and jute to create a relaxed and beach-inspired atmosphere.

Retro Colors

Explore nostalgic hues like mustard and avocado green, along with muted washes and patterns, to add vintage charm to your decor.

Sage Green

This soft and tranquil green shade brings a sense of natural beauty and calmness, perfect for bringing the outdoors inside.

Blush Pink

Delicate and sophisticated, blush pink adds warmth and a touch of romance to any room.

Sky Blue

Reminiscent of clear spring skies, sky blue brings a sense of serenity and freshness to interiors.

Mustard Yellow

Vibrant and energetic, mustard yellow can be used as an accent color to add personality to your decor.


This lively and cheerful shade adds vitality and warmth to interiors, making it a perfect choice for spring decor.