10 Tips to Decorate a Living Room With a Couch as the Focal Point

Focus on the Focal Point

Make the couch the main feature of the room's design.

Create a Center

Establish a noticeable center with a coffee table, ottoman, or chairs that complement the couch.

Make It Functional

Arrange the layout considering the number of people using the space and its purpose, centered around the couch.

Select Scaled Pieces

Choose furniture of different sizes and heights to balance the room and enhance the couch's presence.

Add Dimension

Incorporate textures, artwork, or mirrors on the walls to complement the couch and add depth.

Incorporate Lighting

Layer different light sources around the couch to create a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Designate Zones

Define specific areas within the living room that complement and highlight the central couch.

Avoid Wall 'hugging'

Position furniture away from the walls to create a cozy conversation area around the couch.

Bold is Best

Opt for larger artwork and accessories to create a striking visual impact.

Layers Cozy Up the Space

Add layers like area rugs and curtains to soften the room and enhance comfort around the central couch.