10 Tips to Organize a Cluttered Home in Minutes

Utilize Storage Baskets

Quickly gather items into storage baskets to clear surfaces and tidy up.

Implement the "One In, One Out" Rule

Keep clutter at bay by removing an old item whenever you bring in something new.

Categorize Items

Group similar objects together to make organizing and finding things easier.

Start Small

Begin by decluttering a small area like a drawer or shelf to build momentum.

Clear Flat Surfaces

Keep countertops and shelves free of clutter by putting away infrequently used items.

Involve Family Members

Encourage everyone to help declutter and keep shared spaces tidy.

Utilize Stackable Drawers and Bins

Maximize space with stackable storage solutions like drawers and bins.

Create a System

Establish a system for organizing items in each room to maintain order.

Celebrate Progress

Take a moment to appreciate the progress made in decluttering your home.

Regular Maintenance

Incorporate small decluttering tasks into your weekly routine to prevent clutter from building up again.