10 Trending Living Room Wall Painting Ideas for 2024

Biophilic Botanicals

Embrace nature indoors by painting a feature wall with oversized leaf motifs in shades of olive green, moss, and sage, bringing the calming essence of the outdoors into your living room.

Deep Moody Hues

Create a dramatic and edgy atmosphere with deep and dark colors like Behr Cracked Pepper, Dutch Boy Paints Ironside, and Sherwin Williams Dark Auburn, adding depth and sophistication to your space.

Soothing Earth Tones

Option for earthy, nature-inspired tones such as Sherwin Williams Oakmoss, Dunn-Edwards Desert Sage, and Behr Breezeway Taupe to create a tranquil and grounding environment that echoes the beauty of the natural world.

Shades of Blue

Choose from various shades of blue like Valspar Renew Blue, Minwax Bay Blue, and Sherwin-Williams Upwa to infuse your living room with a sense of calmness and serenity, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Neutral Gray Walls

Keep your space fresh and modern with neutral gray walls devoid of strong undertones, offering a versatile backdrop that allows your furniture and decor to take center stage.

All-White Walls

Embrace minimalism by painting all walls white, creating a clean and modern aesthetic that enhances the feeling of spaciousness and simplicity in your living room.

Organic Modern Colors

Blend dark and light colors inspired by nature, including deep blacks, contrasting whites, earthy greens, and natural blues, to achieve a modern yet organic look that exudes sophistication and warmth.

Blue Accent Walls

Add a pop of color and visual interest to your living room by painting one wall in shades of blue, creating a focal point that complements the rest of the space.

Black Walls

Infuse your living room with drama and elegance by painting a wall black, achieving a sleek and sophisticated look that adds depth and contrast to your decor.


Create visual interest and depth in your living room by incorporating contrast, whether it's through pairing white walls with a black accent wall, integrating darker elements like cabinets and doors, or using contrasting colors and textures to elevate your home styling.