10 ways for Decorating a California-style Home With Colors

Paint White Walls

Coat your walls in white paint for a light and airy feel.

Choose Black or Caramel Furniture

Option for black or caramel leather furniture to add a casual California vibe.

Add Neutral Accents

Decorate with neutral colors and sprinkle in accents for a tranquil atmosphere.

Embrace Warm Wood Tones

Use warm, rich wood tones to add depth and warmth to your space.

Incorporate Glass Elements

Integrate glass vases, lanterns, or lamps to bring in light and texture.

Accessorize with Brass

Add brass accents like cabinet handles and light fixtures for a touch of elegance.

Bring in Greenery

Decorate with plenty of leafy plants to liven up your home.

Accent with Indigo

Incorporate indigo accents for contrast and depth.

Include Leather Furniture

Warm up your space with vintage leather furniture for a lived-in feel.

Add Texture

Layer in textures like shaggy rugs and velvet pillows for a cozy atmosphere.