10 Best Fitness Classes in London

Reformer Pilates at Virgin Active

Tone your entire body, improve flexibility, and perfect posture with challenging Reformer Pilates at Virgin Active, using a sliding platform and pulleys for resistance.

City Strongman at The Foundry

Build strength and endurance with The Foundry's City Strongman class. Embrace functional movements and intense exercises for a powerful fitness experience.

The Yard WOD

Experience high-intensity strength and conditioning workouts with The Yard Wod, tailoring exercises to meet your fitness goals.


Elevate your fitness with Heartcore's diverse classes, including barre, yoga, and high-intensity workouts, fostering a balanced and holistic approach to wellness.

Third Space, Moorgate

Explore a variety of fitness classes at Third Space, Moorgate, catering to different needs, including Wattbike sessions for cycling enthusiasts.

Wattbike at Third Space

Immerse yourself in engaging Wattbike sessions at Third Space, focusing on cardiovascular fitness for cycling enthusiasts.


Embrace a holistic fitness approach at Bodyism, offering strength, conditioning, and mobility-focused classes for a well-rounded experience.

Core Collective

Join Core Collective for dynamic classes, including high-intensity workouts, strength training, and indoor cycling, creating an energetic environment to enhance your fitness routine.

The Foundry

Engage in strength training excellence at The Foundry, emphasizing functional movements and intense exercises in City Strongman classes.


Elevate your fitness with Orangetheory's renowned high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, combining cardiovascular and strength exercises for a comprehensive full-body workout.