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10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Friends

Gift the perfect little Costa Farms Mini Succulent, complete with a four-inch live plant and an adorable planter. This thoughtful gesture adds a touch of nature to any space.

Costa Farms Mini Succulent

Mermermu Open When Envelopes

Brighten their day with Mermermu Open When Envelopes, filled with uplifting notes for various occasions. From "Open When You Need to Laugh" to "Open Just Because," these envelopes offer a comforting presence even from afar.

Choose a lasting symbol of love with the Costa Farms Pink Cactus. Unlike traditional floral bouquets, this pretty pink cactus promises longevity with proper care, making it a unique and enduring gift.

Costa Farms Pink Cactus

Indulge in Dora Martin's Handmade Heart-shaped Balm With Dish, a deceptive treat that looks like soap but is, in fact, a nourishing body balm.

Dora Martin Handmade Heart-shaped Balm With Dish

Celebrate a deep connection with the Greetingreat "You're My Person" Coffee Mug, inspired by the iconic friendship of Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey.

Greatingreat You're My Person Coffee Mug

Joycuff Morse Code Bracelets

Encode a secret message with Joycuff Morse Code Bracelets. While appearing as dainty bracelets to others, these hold a special word known only to the two of you, adding an extra layer of intimacy.

Elevate your jewelry collection with the exquisite "1 for Me, 1 for You" Necklace Set from Uncommon Goods. This set boasts two elegant chains and offers a choice of stones: amethyst, citrine, and garnet stones.

Uncommon Goods 1 for Me, 1 for You Necklace Set

Make a lasting impression with Lovepop Cards Sweetheart Flower Bouquet. This card-turned-bouquet lasts beyond February 14 and can be personalized with a heartfelt note or photo.

Lovepop Cards Sweetheart Flower Bouquet

Glacelis Personalized Best Friend Print Art

For a trio of besties, the Glacelis Personalized Best Friend Print Art is the ultimate gift. Customize hair colors, skin tones, and quotes for a unique and meaningful frame.

Uncommon Goods Self Love Candle

Elevate self-love with the Uncommon Goods Self Love Candle, crafted from soy wax with a gardenia lily fragrance. This sweet-scented candle serves as a reminder of their amazingness.