Celebrate Long-distance Relationships With the Help of Virtuality on Valentine's Day

Create a digital collection of your favourite pictures, like selfies and screenshots from your video calls. Put them all in one place to remember special moments.

Digital Scrapbook

Memory Lane Video

Make a video that shows your journey as a couple. Add pictures from when you first met, your trips, and other essential times in your relationship.

Make a surprise digital photo album. Use an online tool to put together a collection of pictures, and then share the link with your partner so they can enjoy the memories.

Surprise Photo Album

Order a special gift with your pictures on it, like a custom calendar, mug, or puzzle. Many websites make it easy to create these personalized items.

Photo-based Gift

Along with your photos, write a heartfelt digital love letter. Share your feelings and tell your partner how much they mean to you.

Digital Love Letter

Live Photo Sharing

During your video call, share pictures and stories from the past. Take a virtual walk down memory lane together and have a good time.

Learn to cook something new together through a virtual cooking class. It's fun to pick up a new skill and enjoy a meal simultaneously.

Virtual Cooking Class

Plan a virtual date night, including activities such as watching a movie together, having a virtual dinner, or playing a game.

Virtual Date Night

Virtual Gift Exchange

Send each other thoughtful virtual gifts, like matching shirts, unique mugs, or keepsake cards. It's a fun and memorable way to celebrate your connection.

Personalized Video Message

Make a special video message just for your partner. In the video, share your feelings and tell them how much you care about them. It's an excellent and meaningful way to show your love.