10 Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Any Age in 2024

Join a lively paint-and-sip event to craft Valentine-themed paintings while enjoying cocktails. It's the perfect blend of creativity and fun in a vibrant atmosphere.

Valentine's Paint and Sip

Art or Craft Classes

Dive into art and craft classes for all skill levels. Explore watercolor painting, paper crafting, and pottery. It's a fantastic opportunity to make, learn, and embrace your creative side.

Get cheeky with lipstick art! Decorate crafts with kiss marks using your favourite shades. Seal with acrylic glaze to make your affectionate marks last.

Lipstick Art

Create a romantic baby's breath wreath as a charming follow-up to winter decor. Use dried or faux baby's breath, glue, or staples to fashion a delightful wreath.

Baby's Breath Wreath

Dive into candle-making for Valentine's Day. Customize scents, colors, and styles for a truly personalized touch. A craft that's easier than you think!

Valentine's Candles

Heart in a Jar

For a unique twist, craft an anatomical heart. A quirky gift for horror and biology enthusiasts, symbolizing love unexpectedly.

Create personalized glassware effortlessly. Grab etching powder and a stencil, and decorate wine glasses or bottles with a custom monogram. Perfect for your sweetheart!

DIY Etched Glassware

Stamp hearts and flowers on simple muslin bags for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional packaging. Ideal for gifts and treats with a touch of love.

Stamped Muslin Bags

Valentine's Bath Bombs

Craft your bath bombs for a perfect Valentine's Day treat. Mix Epsom salts, baking soda, and citric acid for a delightful, fizzing experience.

Mix Tape

Create a romantic mixtape featuring your favourite love songs. Whether on cassette, CD, or digital, it's a fun and inexpensive way to express your love.