Explore the Latest Bathroom Lighting Trends for 2024

Geometric Patterns

Look out for geometric wall designs and herringbone tiles to add a modern twist to your bathroom decor.

Peachy Tones

Incorporate peach tones to create a vibrant or calming ambiance in your bathroom, depending on the lighting.

Darker Tones

Embrace dark colors like black or navy to create a moody and intimate atmosphere in your bathroom space.

Steam Showers

Prioritize health and wellness with spa-like amenities like steam showers, known for their allergy-relief and relaxation benefits.

Textured Tiles

Add visual interest with textured tiles that provide a tactile experience, enhancing the overall design of your bathroom.


Introduce fixtures with curvature to create a contemporary and relaxing spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom.

Statement Lighting

Elevate your bathroom decor with bold pendant lights or statement wall fixtures to add glamour and style.

Energy-efficient Fixtures

Save on costs and energy consumption by opting for water and energy-saving fixtures and LED bulbs.

Dimmable Technology

Customize your lighting to suit different moods and needs with dimmable technology, creating a relaxing ambiance in your bathroom.

LED Lighting

LED lights continue to dominate the market, offering energy-efficient and versatile lighting solutions for bathrooms.

Integrated Lighting Fixtures

Incorporate mirrors or vanity cabinets with built-in LED lights for both task lighting and modern aesthetics.

Smart Lighting Controls

Control your bathroom lighting remotely with smart home technology, adjusting brightness and color temperature to create the perfect ambiance.