Get Your Home Summer-ready With 10 Decor Tips

Incorporate Citrus Fruits

Add vibrant and refreshing citrus fruits to your decor for a lively touch.

Bring in Tropical Plants

Create a relaxing and exotic atmosphere by adding lush tropical plants to your living space.

Opt for Faux Plant Stems

Choose faux plant stems and flower stems to add greenery and color without the hassle of maintenance.

Decorate with Leafy Garlands

Infuse a natural and summery feel into your home by decorating with leafy garlands.

Embrace Light Color Schemes

Use light and playful colors like blues, yellows, and pinks to create a bright and cheerful ambiance.

Store Away Fuzzy Rugs

Keep your home cool by storing away cozy wool rugs or fluffy shags for the summer.

Swap Out Heavy Throws

Replace heavy blankets with lighter ones and switch throw pillow covers for a summery look.

Consider a Vertical Garden

Set up a visually stunning and space-saving vertical garden for summer gardening.

Integrate Seersucker Patterns

Add a touch of summer charm to your decor with the dainty seersucker pattern.

Enhance Outdoor Space with Rocking Chair

Make your outdoor space cozy and inviting with a classic rocking chair for summer relaxation.