10 Heart-shape Desserts to Make Valentine's Day Sweet

Whip up a batch of sugar cookie dough to craft three delightful treats: patchwork cookies adorned with tiny hearts, Valentine-hued delights, and geometrically striped delights—all finished with a shimmery sprinkle.

Valentine's Day Heart Cookie Trio

Heart-shape Chocolate Cream Puffs

Create surprisingly simple heart-shaped cream puffs using just a cookie scoop. Fill them with decadent pastry cream, and for an extra touch, drizzle with hot fudge sauce.

Bake heart-shaped, personalized message cookies. Dye the dough with food coloring, then use heart-shaped cutters and tiny stamps for a thoughtful twist on conversation hearts.

Conversation Heart Cut-out Cookies

Delight in fruity, floral lavender-lemon pudding cakes, cuter in heart-shaped ramekins. Top with rock-crystal sugar and lavender for a tasty treat.

Lavender-lemon Pudding Cakes

Craft-swirled meringue hearts without special equipment. Use a spoon to shape delicate hearts and flavor them with raspberry or strawberry extracts.

Swirled Meringue Hearts

Red Velvet Heart Cookies

Skip the frosting on these vibrant red velvet heart cookies—just a dusting of powdered sugar. Create powdery patterns with a heart-shaped stencil.

Indulge in a decadent red velvet heart cake, customizable with stripes of raspberries, cherries, almonds, and pecans.

Red Velvet Heart Cake

Elevate heart-shaped sugar cookies with a sweet almond glaze and colorful decoration. Tint the glaze with pink or red paste food coloring and embellish with a mix of sugar pearls, jimmies, and nonpareils.

Heart Cookies With Almond Glaze

Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Pies

Celebrate the perfect pairing of chocolate and peanut butter with mini chocolate peanut butter pies. Pipe heart-shaped accents with melted chocolate before serving.

Valentine Lollipops

Make festive Valentine lollipops with melted Jolly Ranchers, personalized with colorful decorations like candy hearts or sprinkles. Crafting your own is easy with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and lollipop sticks.