Here Are Some DIY Advent Decor Ideas to Try

Advent Candle Wreath

Make a traditional wreath with four candles. Light one candle each Sunday before Christmas.

Advent Calendar Wall Hanging

Create a fabric wall hanging with pockets for each day of Advent. Fill them with treats or messages.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Craft a mini tree and hang 24 small boxes or envelopes filled with surprises.

Advent Calendar

Use a vintage tray or drawers to make a unique calendar with surprises in each compartment.

Advent Countdown Sign

Decorate a sign with numbers 1 to 25 and move a marker each day to count down.

Advent Candle Jars

Decorate glass jars with numbers and put a tealight candle in each for Advent.

Advent Bookshelf Display

Wrap 24 books and read one each day as a family.

Advent Paper Chain

Make a paper chain with numbers and tear off one each day until Christmas.

Advent Activity Jar

Write 24 holiday activities on paper slips and draw one each day to do as a family.

Advent Memory Jar

Decorate a jar and fill it with slips of paper containing favorite holiday memories to read each day.