How to Choose the Right Succulent for Your Home Decor Style

Identify your Hardiness Zone

If you plan to grow succulents outdoors, it's essential to determine your Hardiness Zone to ensure the plants can thrive in your local climate.

Choose succulents that fit your style and level of gardening experience

For beginners, it's recommended to start with low-maintenance varieties such as fast-growing or low-light echeveria, hardy snake plants, and even hardier ZZ plants.

Consider the light requirements of the succulents

Most indoor succulents need at least six hours of bright, indirect sunlight. Try to place your succulents within 3 feet of south-facing or west-facing windows.

Select succulents based on their colors, shapes, and textures

Succulents offer a wide range of colors, shapes, and textures that make it possible to create creative and unique decorations. Choose succulents that complement your home decor style and color scheme.

Consider the size and growth habits of the succulents

Some succulents, like Donkey's Tail and String of Pearls, are trailing or hanging plants that can be grown in hanging baskets or on shelves. Others, like the Silver Dollar Plant and Jade Plant, are upright and can be grown in pots or containers on tables or shelves.

Choose succulents that are easy to care for

Most succulents are known for being non-demanding houseplants that do best in bright light and well-drained soil. Some popular and easy-to-care-for succulents include Donkey's Tail, String of Pearls, Silver Dollar Plant, Aloe Vera, and Jade Plant.

Consider the pot or container

Succulents tend to look best in pots that are earth tones and shades of red, orange, yellow, teal, gray-blue, and lavender. The pot should complement the succulent and the decor style of the room.

Match the succulent to the pot

Pairing the right succulent with the right pot is an under-appreciated art form. The pot should gain stature and be more than merely a frame for the plant. Both the succulent and the pot should sway in tandem, with neither leading the dance.

Consider the size of the pot

The size of the pot should be appropriate for the size of the succulent. A small succulent should be planted in a small pot, while a larger succulent can be planted in a larger pot.

Consider the overall design

The arrangement of the succulents and the pot should be visually pleasing and complement the decor style of the room. Consider the shape, color, and texture of the succulents and the pot when making your selection.