10 Ikea Living Room Ideas to Recreate

Discover IKEA's multipurpose furniture for small spaces—like sofa beds and storage ottomans—perfect for relaxing and hosting guests in your living room.

Maximize Functionality

Whites for Serenity

Achieve an airy look with simple white IKEA furniture. Elevate your living room's spacious feel and tranquility with clean, white color schemes.

Opt for stylish BILLY bookshelves and BESTA storage solutions to collect and display in your living room. These IKEA units balance aesthetics and functionality for clutter-free spaces.

Organized Chic

Elevate your living room aesthetics with curated IKEA picks. Warm farmhouse choices, plush sofas, elegant coffee tables, and charming lighting create a luxurious space without the hefty price tag.

Affordable Luxury

Redefine your living space with IKEA's diverse rug options. Add warmth and define areas within an open plan—simple yet transformative.

Rug Magic

Coastal Vibes

Embrace a beachy feel with IKEA's light-colored furniture. Wooden coffee tables and light blue accents create a laidback, coastal vibe for your living room.

Maximize small living spaces with compact, multipurpose IKEA furniture. Utilize wall-mounted shelves, foldable tables, and modular seating for simultaneous functionality and coziness.

Small and Cozy

Enhance design and air quality with IKEA's plant selection. Incorporate greenery for a touch of nature in your living space.

Green Oasis

Scandinavian Simplicity

Embrace timeless Scandinavian design with IKEA's minimalist furniture. Clean lines, neutral colors, and functional pieces create an uncluttered, serene living room.

Boho Bliss

Explore a bohemian feel with vibrant colors, eclectic patterns, and textured IKEA fabrics. Mix and match cushions, rugs, and poufs for a cozy and unique atmosphere in your living room.