10 Living Room Decor Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2024

Ditch the greys and welcome the calming charm of beautiful sage green in 2024. Embrace this soft yet impactful color to bring a lively vibe to your living spaces.

Sage Green


Checkers are still in style for 2024, adding versatility to classic and elegant spaces. Spruce up your living room with small touches like throwing pillows or going bold with a checked rug over a neutral floor covering.

Thanks to COVID-19-inspired designs, cosy nooks are all the rage. Even in open layouts, create small corners for reading or working. Place a desk in a corner with a folding screen for privacy, or set up a snug coffee spot with two chairs and a small table.

Smaller Spaces

Embrace the trend of combining furniture from different times to be more sustainable in 2024. Pair an old woven chair with a modern table in your living room, celebrating diverse materials, colors, and patterns for an energized atmosphere.

Mixed Styles

Wallpaper stays timeless in 2024, whether on an accent wall, in a bathroom, or even your dining room ceiling. Explore iconic designs, intricate patterns, or simple monochromatic options to give your living spaces character.

Wallpaper Everywhere

Bug-inspired Decor

Bugs are surprisingly in vogue for home decor in the new year. Expect insect-themed items like accessories, wall hangings, tapestries, wallpaper, pillows, and furniture. Try subtle touches like black-and-white scarab beetle drawings on your living room walls

Turn your living room into a haven of quiet luxury. Introduce subtle touches of sophistication for an elegant and peaceful vibe that speaks volumes in a calm and refined manner.

Quiet Luxury

Warm up your living room by playing with inviting colors. From earthy tones to deeper hues, create a cozy atmosphere that turns your space into a retreat for relaxation and comfort.

A Warm Color Palette

Organic Modern Decor

Find the perfect balance between nature and modern design in your living room. Combine sleek, modern elements with natural touches to create a space that feels sophisticated and connected to the outdoors.

Natural Materials

Upgrade your living room with the timeless beauty of natural materials. From wooden details to stone finishes, infuse your space with the authentic charm of the outdoors, creating a lasting and elegant environment.