10 Luxury Living Rooms That Are Full of Sophisticated Details

Invest in a large area rug to ensure your space is smooth. Layer a smaller rug over a larger one if needed.

Invest in a Large Area Rugs

Incorporate a Fireplace

Incorporate a fireplace to add a touch of grandeur, even if it doesn't act. Faux mantels can be purchased online or in vintage stores for a modern look.

Maximize your views by positioning furniture to face windows. Enjoy drinks while taking in the sunrise and sunset.

Maximize Your Views

Cut clutter to achieve a luxe look. Keep the living room neat by minimizing decor and putting away items like books, magazines, and dishes daily.

Cut the Clutter

Upgrade from builder-grade lighting to fixtures that reflect your personality. If you're a renter, store the original fixtures for reinstallation before ending your lease.

Say Bye to Builder Grade Lighting

Incorporate Marble Touches

Incorporate sophisticated marble touches with a coffee table, lamp base, vase, or bookends.

Embrace neutrals like grey, taupe, beige, black, or other classic colors for a timeless and luxurious feel.

Embrace Neutrals

Frame and hang art on your living room walls to add warmth—source elegant frames from craft stores or online platforms.

Frame and Hang Your Art

Pick Luxe Chairs

Choose leather chairs to add a timeless touch of luxury to the living room.

Go Green

Go green by adding plants to brighten the space. If caring for live plants is challenging, opt for realistic faux alternatives.