10 Outdated Bathroom Trends to Know Now

Ornate Millwork

Choose sleek, modern millwork-like shaker-style vanities instead of ornate details to update your bathroom's look.

Curbless Showers

While they offer easy access, curbless showers might need to be updated. Be ready to change the design if required for a fresher appearance.

Exposed Bulb 'hollywood' Vanity Lights

Swap out old Hollywood-style lights for modern options to give your bathroom a fresh feel.

Dark Wood-paneled Bathrooms

Dark wood paneling can make your bathroom look dated. Opt for lighter finishes for a more modern touch.

Completely Gutted Bathrooms

You can use a partial renovation. Consider more minor updates for a more practical and budget-friendly refresh.

Glass Block Bathroom Windows

Glass block windows can feel old-fashioned. Look into other privacy solutions or outdoor shower ideas for a modern twist.

Hollywood-style Bathroom Lighting

Upgrade from marquee lighting to pendant lights or sconces for a contemporary look.

Chevron Patently Sometime-sized Tubs

Chevron patterns are going out of style. Choose timeless designs for a bathroom that stays stylish for longer.

All-white Bathrooms

While white bathrooms are clean, they might lack warmth. Add colors and textures to make your bathroom more inviting and exciting.

Oversized Tubs

Big tubs can make your bathroom look dated. Consider smaller, more functional options for a modern touch.