10 Romantic Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Elevate your bed's allure inexpensively by draping gauze or net fabric for a touch of romance.

Canopy Romance


Transform your bedroom with scented oils or candles—sandalwood, patchouli, and woody fragrances create a romantic ambiance.

Add layers of pillows to the bed to create a comfortable and romantic look.

Layer Pillows

Add a romantic touch to the decor with an antique nightstand.

Antique Nightstand

Hang a wedding canvas collage for a personalized and romantic touch.

Wedding Canvas Collage

Nautical Pillows

Bring subtle coastal romance with nautical pillows.

Create a romantic atmosphere with soft fabrics and muted colors for a touch of romantic chic.

Embrace Romantic Chic

Add a personal and romantic touch by displaying books in the bedroom.

Display Books

Upgrade Bedding

Enhance romance with luxurious bedding, opting for cozy linen sets.

Using Sound to Make a Room Romantic

Another way to add romance to your decorating is to use sound. Soft romantic music playing in the background is a dead giveaway that something special is going on.