Transform Your Bedroom: 10 Easy-to-care Plants

Parlor Palm

Brighten up your bedroom with this tropical beauty. It loves indirect sunlight and can grow large, so make sure you have enough space.

Moth Orchid

Add a touch of elegance with these flowering plants. Just give them some light and water when the soil is dry.


Hang or drape these glossy vines for a lush look. They're tough and thrive in moderate light.


Choose from various colors and shapes to purify your bedroom air. They prefer moderate to bright light.

Scented Geranium

Enjoy a lovely aroma with these fragrant plants. Keep them in well-lit areas and water regularly.

English Ivy

Create a whimsical atmosphere with this low-maintenance plant. It grows fast and looks great draped over furniture.

Rubber Plant

Make a dramatic statement with glossy dark leaves. They like bright light but can handle lower light too.

Snake Plant

Purify your air effortlessly with this low-light champ. Water sparingly for easy care.

ZZ Plant

Perfect for busy schedules or dim bedrooms, this hardy plant needs minimal attention.

Spider Plant

Thrive with minimal effort in various light conditions. These resilient plants require little maintenance.