10 Unexpected Ways to Decorate for Valentine's Day

Craft a subtle yet charming Valentine's Day wreath with minimalistic X and O shapes, avoiding excessive romantic embellishments.

Straightforward Wreaths

Bold Heart

Elevate traditional construction paper hearts with a modern twist using Oleander + Palm's geometric heart DIY. Create a trendy wall decoration suitable for Valentine's Day without being overly sentimental.

Transform tiny locket-style hearts into a statement art piece by suspending them in mini frames. Actress Beth Riesgraf's home showcases a perfect blend of sentimentality for Valentine's Day and year-round elegance.

Sentimental Statement

Option for vintage-inspired pink glass tulip-shaped candle holders to add a romantic touch to your space. The timeless look is complemented by a gilded base, offering an alternative to traditional flower arrangements.

Creative Blooms

Embrace the quintessential Valentine's Day motif with a sophisticated twist. Choose lips decor in a gold and blue color palette for an elegant and grown-up touch, steering clear of typical red and pink hues.

A Little Kiss

Understated Setting

Follow Julie Blanner's lead and create a romantic atmosphere with an understated tablescape. A few pops of light pink and a simple bouquet of white roses are all you need for an intimate dinner setting.

Infuse a Valentine's Day-inspired pop of color into your existing vignettes with a paper heart DIY from Homey Oh My. Whether tucked onto a shelf or hung on the wall, it adds a festive touch to any space.

Pop of Red

Playfully integrate a cliche "live, laugh, love" art print into a centrepiece, as demonstrated by Caitlin Moran of Glitter Guide. This unconventional approach adds a fun twist to romantic decorating.

Charming Centerpiece

Modern Sculpture

Maintain your neutral color palette during the romantic season with a metal heart sculpture. The Nashville home showcases that subtlety can be just as Valentine's Day-appropriate as bold red and pink accessories.

Gnome Valentines Day Decorations

Elevate your Valentine's Day decor with charming gnome figurines, adding a playful and delightful touch to your space.