Thick Brush Stroke

10 Beautiful Valentine’s Day Table Setting and Centerpiece Ideas

Create a romantic Valentine's table with blush and white tableware, gold accents, and neatly tied white napkins around silverware.

Blush Elegance

Bee Mine Delight

Embrace a 'Bee Mine' theme with abundant pink and white decor, heart-shaped cookies, and bee-covered napkins and plates—a Pinterest favorite.

Elevate your setting with a stunning centerpiece: a vase of pink roses atop a marble tray for a captivating Valentine's Day focal point.

Roses on Marble

Experience romance with a gorgeous tablescape featuring a sweet floral centerpiece and a charming mix of stripes and plaid.

Romantic Tablescape

Achieve beauty with simplicity in this tablescape using fresh greenery and shades of peach, yellow, and orange for a stunning yet straightforward Valentine's setup.

Fresh and Simple

Floral Elegance with a Twist

Capture attention with a stunning floral centerpiece, fresh flowers, touches of blue and white, and vibrant pink grapefruit, creating attractive Valentine's table decorations.

Never go wrong with a floral centerpiece and shimmering candles. Enhance each setting with a bowl of berries and a charming "Be Mine" ribbon.

Berries and Ribbons

Embrace simplicity and romance with a French country aesthetic, featuring a simple yet romantic Valentine's tablescape adorned with fresh roses.

French Country Romance

Heartfelt Simplicity

Craft a striking tablescape with heart-shaped napkins, fresh flowers, gold flatware, and shimmering candles, adding a touch of simplicity to the romance.

Chic "xo" Motif

Elevate your Valentine's Day look by painting brown kraft paper with an "xo" motif draping over the table ends. This romantic setting is complete with gold flatware, pink flowers, napkins, and a statement chandelier.