Texas has long been viewed as a land of opportunity. From the cattle ranges and ranching culture of the 19th century to the oil boom of the twentieth and the “Silicon Hills” in the Austin and San Antonio region in the twenty-first, Texas has always been a state that attracts independently-minded people with big dreams.

But while Texas has always been a magnet for migration, the current population boom has been unrivalled in at least a generation. As housing prices rise on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, Texas has been flooded with ambitious workers young and old looking to make a future for themselves in dynamic cities like Austin, El Paso, Frisco, and McKinney.


In 2017, an estimated 1,000 people were moving to Texas every day, which has inevitably led to skyrocketing housing prices and a construction boom that struggles to keep up with demand. And while these conditions have put a financial strain on Texas residents who do not own property, it has proven a huge boon to those who do.

But perhaps no single professional class has benefitted from the boom as much as the real estate agents who connect buyers with properties and sellers with customers.

The Fruits of Growth

By facilitating property sales, real estate agents have always played a vital role in the housing market. Buying a house isn’t like purchasing a new washing machine, and the legal process can be baffling and intimidating to the uninitiated. Real estate agents streamline the process by connecting shoppers with houses, condos, or rental apartments and handling the paperwork.

With new properties being built all the time, there is a huge demand for real estate agents who are able to help buyers find the right home. While the pace of the industry means that real estate agents in Texas need to be constantly on top of the new properties becoming available, the constant stream of new clients has made this one of the most exciting times in history to be active in the Texas real estate world.


The Opportunity of a Lifetime

It also means that young, driven people interested in entering the high stakes world of Texas real estate are facing the opportunity of a lifetime. Taking online real estate courses make it easy to pass the Texas real estate licensing exams, and once a person is licensed, the only thing standing between them and a six-figure salary is hard work and a modicum of luck.

The numbers suggest that, while migration has slowed down slightly over the past two years, Texas is still the fastest growing state in the union. In fact, of the ten fastest-growing cities in America, four of them — including the top city, Frisco — are located in Texas. It is estimated that if current rates of growth continue, by 2020 Texas will have surpassed California in size, and may even become larger than California and New York combined.

What this means is that this is the perfect time for those with real estate ambitions to enter the market. While succeeding as a real estate agent requires dedication and drive, the rewards for getting in while the market is hot cannot be overstated.