Everybody wants a fascinating house that will not only differ from the others, but the one, which will also match with surroundings. The countryside property allows to reveal your imagination in full, by choosing the different styles of buildings and window types. Glazing constructions should be treated not only as functional details, but also as a vital part of the house, which controls the level of room illumination and its atmosphere.

Let us not narrow our imagination by choosing windows of solid construction only, let us make a deeper analysis of ourselves and choose the ones that will reflect the character of the house, because only the place where you feel comfortable can be called a home. Some people may choose screen glazing type for their modern houses, others will prefer glazing units of window sash style.

Window assessment is based on its qualities, some of them are:

  • sound isolation and heat insulation;
  • level of interior protection from UV rays;
  • good ventilation opportunities;
  • easy wash;
  • exterior appearance.

This article is devoted to the last but not the least characteristic mentioned above, to make you feel comfortable at home, and other people – to admire your property. To choose the right exterior window style is not an easy task, and we are here to make your selection process easier.

1. Window style should coincide with the style of a house

There are various architectural styles people may consider for their countryside houses: English, European, Italian, Country, Colonial, Modern, German, etc. There is a specific glazing design, which is right for each style. For example, English style is accompanied by lattice windows of regular shape with sashes. Features of European style are tiled roof with not very large, rectangular or arched windows. Italian style is usually accompanied by arch glazing type. Buildings of Colonial style are distinguished by large, panoramic windows with great garden or wildlife views. Original detail of Germany style is windows separated by lintels and protected by shutters.

2. Try to make your windows a pearl of a house

Following the first point, it is understandable that glazing construction can have different shapes and sizes. However, does not matter what style you follow, you would always like the windows to stand out from general view of the house. Also, we must remember that their main function is to bring daylight into the house, no matter how they look like from the outside.

3. Decide on window purpose

One of the main window functions is to bring daylight. However, glazing units are in rooms, corridors and even in closets. So, you may think about casement, awning windows for your bathroom and small line windows for your corridors or closet. However, the premises where much time is spent should have big windows, since natural daylight gives us a sense of comfort.

4. Ventilation as one of the purposes

In our everyday life, windows are a natural source of daylight as well as of good ventilation inside the house. Even if your choice is a big screen windows, there is always should be a possibility to have a movable part, which you can easily open and get some fresh air.

5. Colorful decoration

Glazing units of are already well visible part, however, if the style of your house allows you to paint the frames in different from the house color – this will become your unique distinguishing detail. Remember to use good exterior paint for this purpose.


6. Window style should reflect interior style

There is one property, and it should have a good look from outside and inside. If you admire your house from the outside, make sure that interior is not worse. Windows should be convenient and easy in usage for your everyday life. For example, big panoramic windows are good for your living rooms, and small, private for your bathroom.

7. Sun orientation

Traditionally, there are more windows in a country house than in apartments – people move from the city to enjoy natural light, sunrises and sunsets. Modern architecture uses daylight to its last drop: the gloomy climate and few sunny days in many regions are especially sensitive to this problem. So, when planning your bedroom, do not forget to consider the sun orientation, and install the windows, for example, to see the sunsets or sunrises.

8. Application of operable window parts

Operable window parts are designed to bring the fresh air inside. So, when planning your interior, kindly consider to leave enough space to move the sashes, in case your windows are not double-hung. It is always good to have a combination of operable and fixed window sashes, since glazing constructions are not usually foreseen and designed to open.

9. Stress the room style on windows

Take a look on your room now – windows are usually in the center of the room. So, it is always important to stress out your window decoration to make a good image. Despite its functional abilities, appearance matters here.

10. Room style renovation through window style


If you have been thinking how to renovate your room or house, you can start with window renovation. It is necessary to have good functional windows, which will give enough daylight, ventilation and have good heat insulation and sound isolation abilities. It is never late to renovate even the style of your house through new windows installation. People are always used to what they have, but it is never late to long for something new and better.

To summarize, it does not matter what style is chosen for your property, remember to entrust window installation to experienced Apex Window Werks company. Our technicians will let you enjoy the properties the windows offer through skillful installation and repair works. Only correct installation guarantees the durability of all glazing parts.