Bathroom decoration although ignored but is a very important decision to be taken. Checkout our latest collection of 15 Awesome Eclectic Bathroom Design Ideas.

Bathroom is not only just a utility or a function room, it has lot more to do with this place. It is a place where you can spend sometime alone with yourself and think things out. It is actually the most important space in our house. If there is any space in the house where we run to when we need to be free from the worries and cares of the world, then it is bathroom.

The Eclectic design of decorating the bathroom is very much in trend nowadays. It is the most fascinating and stylish decor as compared to all the other decor ideas. The decoration inside your bathroom would serve to lighten up and make your day more enjoyable. Eclectic decorated bathroom may look super bold, unique and modern. Due to the functional and sort of sterilized setting of the bathroom, this style of decor may play a major role in providing the place with a specific bold and bright concept and environment.

Awesome Eclectic Bathroom Design Ideas

beautiful-blue-eclectic-bathroom You cannot take off your eyes form the aqua blue walls which reflects on the mirror. It is a refreshing and unusual bathroom, that you are not about to see in every traditional home because this vivacious and ecstatic bathroom is decorated with Eclectic style.


Althought small in size and space this bathroom has a super distinctive and unique decor with a recognizable Eclectic signature. The usage of antique tap makes it look very unique and stunning.





Eclectic Bathroom Design Wood Accent



The color combination here makes it look the most unique and super stylish. The pale blue walls contrasting the white ceramic tiles creates a super modern and eclectic appearance of the bathroom.



Just cannot take my eyes off this decor. What not to appreciate, the small magazine corner, the antique tap or the stand. The orange zebra print area rug matching the comfortable chair sets up a bright and vibrant ambience in the white bathroom.

eclectic-bathroom-decorating-ideasThere is a lot of play with the various textures and colors such as the patterned wall along with a vibrant floor to give a bright and airy look to the place.




This eclectic bathroom is decorated with influences and combination of various styles. For instance the rustic unfinished bathroom cabinet adds a vintage and rustic note in the place.

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