Bathroom is not only just a utility or a function room. It is a place where you can spend sometime alone with yourself and ponder things out. It is a place for pampering yourself, too. It is a place where we run to when we need to be free from the worries and cares of the world.

Thus, it is quite important that the decors inside your bathroom would serve to lighten up and make your day. Here are some unique and eclectic decor ideas for your bathroom. Checkout “15 Fresh Eclectic Bathroom Design Ideas”. Enjoy!

Fresh Eclectic Bathroom Design Ideas

This bathroom is decorated in a subtle and yet bold Eclectic way. The orange zebra print area rug matching the comfortable chair sets up a bright and vibrant ambience in the white bathroom.

The dotted floor along with the pale blue wall with a vibrant quirky artwork on the wall creates a distinctive and unique eclectic ambience in this bathroom.

The modern stand alone walk in shower with a  colorful decorative element has provided this bathroom with cool and creative eclectic character.

This eclectic bathroom is decorated with influences of various styles. For instance the rustic bathroom cabinet adds a vintage and rustic note in the place.

Eclectic tub with shaker cabinets, blue cabinets, an undermount tub, a one-piece toilet, blue tile, white tile, white walls and an undermount sink

This bathroom is decorated in a subtle eclectic way. The hardwood floor along with the chandelier and the stand alone elegant bathtub provide the place with charming and sophisticated note

This is a natural bathroom with an eclectic character. The sleek white stand alone bathtub in combination with the creative modern chair and distinctive bright artworks placed above the bathtub has provided this bathroom with beautiful, modern eclectic appearance.

The strip walls are broke through with the colorful artwork and the wooden table next to the wash basin has provided a vintage and cool note in the place.

The vibrant colors such as the green vanity and colorful framed mirror has provided this bathroom with an amazing and natural appearance with easy going and eclectic character.

The country inspired floral wallpaper contrasting the star patterned floor and stand alone black bathtub has provided this bathroom with cool, warm and vibrant eclectic appearance.

This bathroom has a different level of eclectic style. The wining point in this bathroom is the play with the various textures and colors such as the patterned floor along with a subway tile wall as a focal point in the place.

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