We welcome you to our latest collection of 20 Fresh Patio Design Ideas. Get inspired for some wonderful decoration ideas for you house.

Patio is an paved outdoor space which is adjoining the house and is used for dining or refreshments or recreation. It is built with solid flooring but no roof. It is generally used in the summer season for breakfast or refreshments with the family and friends.

Summer is approaching soon, and we’re sure that many of you are looking forward to spending more time outdoors, while others are cinging at the idea of spending time in the backyard. So if your patio is in dire need of upgrade, then, why not make this summer the one where you give yourself and your family and frineds the home patio of your dreams. “It does not have to be something grand. You can start with the concrete patio or the furniture, you can add accents to your space or simply change the paint color. Visit texturock.com for more concrete patio ideas.” checkout our collection and get inspired for some beautful patio decoration.

Fresh Patio Design Ideas


This beautiful patio decoration with rustic tiles and grasses and the dining table and chairs placed in between can become our favorite spot for breakfast and dining.


The patio decorated besides the garden with a couch and beautiful chairs of different types in great color combination can really increase the value of the place and gives a richy richy look to the entire space.


Look at this stunning patio decoration. Who want to use the indoor dining space to dine. This outdoor patio with the outdoor fireplace is the latest trend. The stunning couche is placed to give the feeling of vacation or holidays.

Concrete Patio Design Ideas And Cost Landscaping Network Design A Patio Design A Patio - Patio Furnitures


This patio decoration with a great color combination and the usage of concrete has become a popular material for outdoor patios.




This patio design with outdoor fireplace is one of the latest trends nowadyas. If the climate is suitable you may wish to consider ways to blend the patio design with your indoor living spaces.


This Patio is built on a larger space and its not only about the stone. Woods can be used in a plenty of ways to create a modern and attractive patio for your home. Even the dog is having lots of fun time here.






This place gives us some realy vacation goals. We want to stand up and get set go for a beautiful holiday. See how beautifully this patio works in this urban environment!



This patio is designed with the complete use of woods everywhere. The traditional wooden deck is out and it actually looks amazing.





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