Home Bathrooms 2016 Beautiful Bathroom Ideas To Try This New Year

2016 Beautiful Bathroom Ideas To Try This New Year

2016 Beautiful Bathroom Ideas To Try This New Year

Hey guys New Year is here and let’s try out something new in this new year. Are you people planning to renovate your house or remodel the interior of it, and looking for some great ideas then here we have again showcased a fantastic gallery on Dwelling Decor.

Well the decoration of bathroom demands a lot of importance and time as it is the most important space and a place to relax. It should be decorated in a way that reflects your personality and calm and relaxed place. Its decoration should be very neat and tidy. So checkout our latest collection of 2016 Beautiful Bathroom Ideas to Try This New Year and get inspired.

Zen Inspired Bathroom Design

This is one of the latest trends of 2016 and it is inspired by peace and comfort ability. It is a place to relax and rejuvenate and gives a feeling of being in a spa.

Modern zen bathroom
Exquisite zen bath room
Small bathroom with wooden flooring and wall design
Unique zen bathroom with white bathtub

Patterned Geometric Tile Ideas

Well the design and type of flooring determines the complete look of your bathroom. A dull bathroom can be concerted into a bright and lively one with the help of good flooring designs. So go for Geometric design tiles in this new year.

Black and white flooring in bathroom
Unique bathroom in subway style
Colourful geometric patterned wall
Beautiful tile pattern in bathroom.
Geometric tile pattern in bathroom
Studio patterned bathroom
Victorian black and white bath
Patterned wall tile in bathroom

Cozy Wooden Bathroom Designs

When it comes to putting wood furnishings and decorative features in bathrooms, most people shy away. Some would say that it looks traditional but let us check first checkout this below collection of bathroom design to change your mindset.

Rustic bathroom design
Cozy Wooden Bathroom Designs
Cozy wooden bathroom with chandelier
Design Ideas Wood Bathroom Flooring
Beautiful spa style bathroom
Fascinating Wooden Style Bathroom With Modern Bathroom Utilities
Fascinating Wooden Style Bathroom
Stylish And Cozy Wooden Bathroom
Stylish And Cozy Wooden Bathroom
Stylish wooden bathroom
Unique Wooden Bathtubs Design
Unique Wooden Bathtub
Wooden Bathroom Designs in Style
Wooden Bathroom Design in Style
Wooden baht room with dim lighting

Copper Bathtub Modern Bathroom

Copper Bathtub are gaining popularity because of its status symbol and richness. So if you desire a luxurious bathroom, then obtaining a Copper Bathtub is a superb decision.

Unique copper bathtub
Beautiful brass interior
Contemporary Bathroom with Vintage copper-bathtub
Gold Master Bathroom With Copper Slipper Tub
Gold Master Bathroom With Copper Slipper Tub
Rustic bathroom with copper bathtub
Rustic bathroom with copper bathtub
traditional-bathroom with copper tub

Dramatic Colorful Bathroom

Colors always play a magical role in the decoration of any house and to complete the look of any space in the house. From crisp, cool blues to fiery red, colors always evoke emotions. So add that dramatic look this time for that awesome change in this new year.

Contemporary bathroom with blue and yellow lighting
dark blue bathroom
dark blue bathroom
dark blue bathroom
dark blue bathroom with painted ceiling
Unique and trendy small bathroom
Amazing southwestern bathroom

Tell us which of the designs you are going to adopt this year? Enjoy and share your thoughts in the comments and your social group.