Mediterranean interior design was taken from the design influence of Italy, Spain, Greek neoclassim and Spanish revival. It would include features like murals and granite. It uses natural color scheme that would give the space a cool feel. It could also bring in Tuscan-inspired palette of warm colors.

We’ve made an exquisite collection of 25 Mediterranean Bathroom designs with which we want to show you what kind of bathrooms exist in some of the most luxury residences which are built in the same, Mediterranean design style.

Checkboard tiles Mediterranean bathroom with bathtub and vanity
Black and white theme based style with antique bath tub having silver claw foot
Simple and airy yet different L-shaped bathroom style
mediterranean bathroom decor ideas
Mediterranean style having U-shaped door and blue printed pots.
Mediterranean Bathroom Design with cooper bathtub
One of the sensational Mediterranean bathroom having copper bath tub.
Mediterranean Bathroom Design with White Bathtub
Mediterranean contemporary bathroom having white oval shaped bath tub.
Mediterranean Bathroom Designs
Spacious Mediterranean bathroom with wooden cabinets and granite countertops.
Mediterranean Bathroom Style
Perfect Squared shaped Mediterranean designing style.
Mediterranean Bathroom Wall Painting Designs
One of the best style is to put antique painting in your bathroom.

Mediterranean bathroom with bathtub

Mediterranean Bathroom with granite
Complex granite walls and complex tiles enhance the style.
Mediterranean bathroom with ivory walls
This white cozy bathroom looks fine with ivory walls.

Mediterranean Bathroom with tuscan style decor

Elegance and rusticity mix enhancing the look of a home.







Stunning and Inspirational Bathroom
Persian rug, antique bath tub, polished marble, rough limestone or a concrete lookalike, suggests antiquity.



Tuscan Bathroom Design
Furniture and fixtures from different periods and nations promotes the look of bathroom.

Tuscan-bathroom-design with cooper tub

Moorish tiles with fanciful designs in green, and gold turn up brightness without sacrificing elegance