You feel fresh and happy all the day if you start your day by being one with nature. So here we now come up with some of the beautiful designs that is “Rustic Bathroom Designs in Urban World”
The main focus of this décor style is mainly on natural materials like stone and wood, and also furniture. Have a look at the pictures below and get inspired!

Affordable Rustic Bathroom Decor
Oval shaped bathtub with rustic marble flooring look affordable in this brown bathroom
Amazing Rustic Bathroom Designs
Stone rustic bathroom design with outdoor sink
Claw shaped copper bathtub with spacious wooden cupboards for storage
Bathroom Design Ideas
Contemporary double white sinks with rectangular shaped mirror
Contemporary double white sinks with rectangular shaped mirror
Cozy And Warm Rustic Bathroom Designs
This rustic crystal lamp make this stone bathroom look more shiny


Industrial white Rustic Bathroom with wooden flooring
Wooden sloped ceiling with oval shaped bath tub
old wood look
Natural wood and stone floors are the most widely used idea here


Rustic Bathroom Design decor

Rustic Bathroom Design Idea

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Design inspiration

Rustic Bathroom Designs Filled With Coziness
Using Stone bath tub in your bathroom is the nice way

Rustic Bathroom Ideas for Cozy Home

Rustic Bathroom Vanities Design

Rustic Bathroom With Wood Walls and Soaking Tub
Rustic Bathroom With Wood Walls and Soaking Tub



L-shaped rustic design décor style with island pedant lamps

Rustic-bathroom-ideas-reclaimed wood and stone




Stone & Steel
Modern rustic style bathroom design with white round bath tub