A water feature can turn a loud, uninviting garden into a tranquil, attractive oasis. The gentle sound of a waterfall or the serene appearance of a pond can help you relax, unwind and enjoy the outdoors.

With many options to choose from, you might be unsure about the right design for your needs. Make an informed choice by checking out these four stunning water features that’ll transform your garden.

1. A Garden Pond

A garden pond is a perfect choice if you want to create an impressive focal point. You can choose to introduce fish into the pond or create a pond for aesthetic purposes that will support insects, newts, and birds.

Also, you can select a garden pond design to match your exterior and taste. For example, create a haven for wildlife by surrounding a pond with beautiful plants. Alternatively, strip back the pond with a minimalist design, or impress your guests with a striking fountain.

2. Circular Water Table

Help your garden to stand out from your neighbours by introducing a sleek, elegant circular water table. It’s a must-have for those who want to add drama and serenity to an exterior design. It is the perfect addition to any contemporary garden, and some water tables even include an integrated bubbler and LED lighting to ensure it impresses every onlooker day or night.

Of course, you must choose a pump wisely when installing a water feature, as they have many different purposes. For example, standard pumps will circulate water in a pond, while fountain pumps can create essential arcs in the water. Find the perfect water feature pump for your chosen design.

3. A Water Sculpture

Add texture, personality and character into a space with a stylish water feature. An artistic design will help your exterior exude creativity and luxury, which will provide your garden with a perfect finishing touch. Many unique sculpture designs are available on the market that can transform your outdoor area. Similar to other features, you must ensure you provide sufficient water to the sculpture.

4. A Pondless Fountain

If you are looking for a low-maintenance, safe water feature, you would be smart to consider a pondless fountain. It is an ideal option for families with young children, as there are no bodies of water to worry about in a garden. Also, as they are customisable, you can create jaw-dropping effects, such as illuminated water displays.

Plus, they are easy to install, and some products can even come with a smart control and decorative water nozzles. It is bound to impress adults and children of all ages, and your exterior will appear stunning from spring to winter.

If your garden appears dull and boring, the above water features can add serenity, character, sophistication, and drama into the space. So, install a large or small pond, wow guests with a water table, or improve safety with a pondless fountain. You will question why you didn’t introduce the feature much sooner.