People usually associate wooden wall decorations with minimalistic style and often think they won’t fit their interior. This article is meant to put down all rumors. There are a lot of ready-to-use wooden decors on the market; some interesting stuff you can make by yourself too. It will suit diverse house styles depending on wood types. The list of such wood creations is quite long, but here you can find 5 fascinating ways to add a spirit of the forest into your home or office. 

1. Wood Maps

3D wooden world maps have various designs that can be suitable for any interior you choose for your house. They can be made of one wood type or combine a few ones. If the wood color doesn’t fit the style of your room, you can also choose a painted map. It contains the names of the countries and even oceans and seas. 

Such a wooden decoration is a great present for any traveler. Additionally you  can  get the push pins and point them to the places that you have visited. The map comes in parts; you should put all countries’ parts together to create the whole picture. It makes the process more exciting, especially for kids. Besides, some wooden maps have luminous coating and are equipped with the LED backlight. They  allow switching between different  colors, and will glare in the dark like fairy lights a. 

2. Photo Hexagons

Photos on the walls will probably never be out of fashion. There are so many ways to decorate your room with photos, and wooden pictures are one of them. You can hang standard rectangular images. However, they don’t always suit all styles, especially if we talk about modern interiors. In this case, you should try photo hexagons. They can also be made of wood.

It’s exciting to create a personalized collage from the photos that will remind you about your pleasant moments. However, it may not always be fitting for your interior. You can also choose ready collages on the market. Some of them can be made of maps; others can have photos of nature or heavenly bodies. You can order personalized hexagons in most cases too. They are easy to install, which is a big advantage. 

3. Wooden Shelves

The first wooden decoration that may come to mind is wooden shelves. They are one of the simplest items you can hang on your wall. Your creativity will help you come up with an original design. 

To make your decoration more original, you can use different wood types. It will look more stylish if boards are of different sizes. You can create a background placing the board parallel to the shelf. Also, spiking a shelf is not the only method of connecting shelves to the wall. You may as well hang them on ropes. A handy desk can be madethe same wayway. It will look gorgeous if you have some other wooden decorations.

4. Wood Candle Sconces 

A room becomes cozier when you add some light. If you like to chill with your family or friends and use candles to create a warm atmosphere, wood candle sconces will be a nice addition. A simple way is to use wooden shelves for this. However, it’s more interesting to connect a hook to the wooden board and hang a candle sconce on it. Instead of candles, you can also hang flower pots. 

5. Wooden Mosaics

Wooden mosaics look great, although they are not intended for all interiors. Try and create such 3D art by yourself. Of course  it might be troublesome without proper instruments and materials. Luckily, you can search for such creations on the market. Many models include diverse wood types, various patterns, and all together, with the 3D effect, this decoration will look spectacular in your room. 

Wood Decorations to Suit Any Taste

In the past  people didn’t think so much about wooden decorations; they have  become more popular nowadays. The interesting fact about wooden decor is that it suits mostly all styles. There are a lot of items you can make by yourself. The art market also offers great options like wood maps, wood photo hexagons, wooden mosaics, etc. If you want to redecorate your wall, look through the options in this article, and maybe you will find a great way to improve your interior.