Homeownership comes with a long list of home improvement projects. It’s important to time them right. This can be somewhat tricky. If you are eager to plan projects and set yourself up for success, then it’s best to get started in January. It is the perfect time for home improvement due to many reasons.

It’s a great time to review your utility costs and budget for the year ahead.

January is no doubt the best time to review your utility costs and budget for the year ahead. Most homeowners plan the budget for the new year after celebrating Christmas. One home improvement project you should consider is draught proofing. It allows you to save on your heating bills. Some of the parts of your house you should inspect for draught proofing include attic or roof space, ground floor/basement, doors and windows, fireplaces and chimneys, etc. At the same time as draught proofing, you should also fix leaky faucets so you can save on your water bill.

Materials Are Cheaper for January Sales

When the new year’s resolutions are still in force after the holidays, stores start to lure customers in with sales. So, this is the perfect time for home improvement because the materials required for home improvement projects are relatively cheap. You can expect huge deals, up to 70% off. Most of the things you’ll need for the project will be on sale during this month.

Labor is Cheaper as Winter Months Are Not Popular for Home Improvement Projects

Spring is the most popular time for home improvement projects. In the winter months (especially during the holiday season), homeowners are busy preparing for Christmas, so they tend to ignore home improvement because they don’t have the time or energy for it. For this reason, labor is cheaper in winter months as its demand is relatively low. You can take advantage of this and complete your home improvement project for less in January.

Paint and Plaster Dries Faster in Dry Air Indoors

Paint and Plaster Dries Faster in Dry Air Indoors
Another reason January is the perfect time for home improvement is that the atmosphere is suitable for paint and plaster to dry. Temperature and humidity are the key factors in drying these materials. Excessively hot weather can makes it dry too fast, and cold weather has the opposite effect. So, January is a suitable time for you if you are thinking about kitchen remodeling or whole-home remodeling.

Kill Two Birds with One Stone

It’s very common to find your home in a messy state after Christmas. You might find the wrapping paper of Christmas gifts scattered around the house, the kitchen counters still covered in goose fat, and so on. Rubbish removal after Christmas can be a difficult job. By starting your home improvement projects in January, you can kill two birds with one stone as not only are you able to get rid of all the Christmas clutter, but also the home improvement scraps. It saves you time and effort.