Do you know that 65 percent of U.S homeowners believe their property will rise in value over the next decade? Well, that’s being optimistic considering that factors affecting property worth like location, are out of your control.

So, are you among these people? Then consider your home as the most significant asset that needs care and maintenance. Undertaking repairs and smart improvements are proven ways to boost the value of your home over time.

Smart improvements can make a home appealing to the eyes. Others increase its utility, make it comfortable or more significant for your growing family. It will also increase its resale value.
But first!

Decide whether you want to sell for top dollar or build equity? Consult realtors on the improvements that boost the property resale value.

Plan Your Remodel

Making a remodel plan is still the fastest way to boost property value. Intentional rather than impulse upgrades save you on money and fare better in the market.

However, most people wait until it’s late to plan a remodel. Don’t make this mistake! Remember, the home improvement costs about 20 to 25 percent of the price you pay. The other 75 to 80 percent goes directly to your home by increasing its value.

Don’t be in a rush to start remodeling your home. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. If it’s a new home, list the things you want to change or updates you need to install. Also, determine if you wish to live in this home or sell at a markup. If you’re going to sell, talk to, and draft a selling plan.

Take your list and categorize it depending on its cost. Be realistic, and keep your financial muscle in mind. Use the menu to prioritize the ‘must-have’ updates in their order of relevance.

Make Your Home Attractive

Are you planning to sell your home after the remodel? Investing in the curb appeal is your first shot at making a good impression. The home exterior should persuade potential buyers to walk through your front door.
Make Home Attractive
For instance, undertake thorough maintenance on the existing landscaping. If the yard seems dull than your neighbors, consider repainting the front door or planting some flowers.

After working on the exteriors, focus on your kitchen and bathroom. Failure to update these two rooms will prevent your house from attaining the highest valuation.

Add Usable Square Footage

Adding usable space to your home makes a lot of financial sense. It’s applicable in areas where land and space are finite.

But how does it improve the property value?

Well, most homes are priced and valued, depending on their livable space. The more livable square feet your property contains, the better. Adding a bedroom, bathroom, or any extra space increases functionality and property value.

Clean and De-clutter Your Home

A survey by HomeLight concludes that deep cleaning and de-cluttering boost property value by $4000, on average. But that’s not all! If you’re not planning to sell the house, you’ll benefit from living in an organized space with less clutter to stress you.

Even better, cleaning and de-cluttering your home is inexpensive. Go through your closets and make a donation pile on your clothes. Clean out other storage areas by ensuring you’re discarding everything you don’t want in the house.

Deep cleaning and subsequent cleanings make your home more livable and attractive. When it comes to selling, buyers prefer a pristine home.

Upgrade the Kitchen

Do you want to invest in an upgrade that offers the most significant return? A kitchen upgrade is your answer.

Over the years, buyers have been checking the state of your kitchen before deciding to buy the home. It’s not expected to change in the foreseeable future. Even better, the remodel doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here’s are some tips for upgrading your kitchen.

  • Do a mini-remodel where you apply new paint to your faux-wood finish.
  • Add some splash of color with a possible backsplash
  • Opt for stainless steel kitchen appliances
  • Invest in a rolling island to catch the attention of every buyer
  • Beautify the Bathroom
  • The bathroom is the workhorse in your home. As such, there’s lots of wear and tear.
  • Install attractive upgrades that ensure its functioning well at all times.

These include:

  • Invest in faucets
  • Go marble or granite with your countertops
  • Opt for wall mounts rather than overhead lighting
  • Invest in heated floors
  • Keep your bathroom clean at all times

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Do you want to improve your home’s efficiency? Well, you can do this in many ways without costing tens of thousands in dollar upgrades. For instance, you can invest in a smart thermostat to save money and boost efficiency.

With the right thermostat, you can control the climate at home from anywhere. It gives you the power to manage energy costs, whether on vacation or at home. Investing in this or other home tech offers a strong selling point by highlighting overall comfort, efficiency, convenience, and energy efficiency.
Make Your Home Energy Efficient
You can also improve home efficiency by repairing old and leaky windows, adding insulation to your home, and buying energy-efficient appliances.

Add Fresh Paint and Flooring

Paintworks magic in your home. It can make old interiors and exteriors look new and fresh. Even better, exercise isn’t expensive at all.

Remember, most homebuyers are looking for a ready place where they can move in immediately. Buying a house and moving in is stressful enough! No one wants to touch up paint or buy a new carpet before moving in.


Undertaking an improvement project improves functionality and boosts property value. However, the exercise must be based on something.

Hire a competent inspector to assess the condition of your home and advise on the necessary improvements. Your realtor should guide you in implementing these ideas in a way that boosts value and appeal for your home. With this, you’ll be assured of higher resale value or comfortable living if you’re not planning to sell the house.