New Year is approaching, and with it, pre-holiday chores and worries. One of the tasks ahead is decorating a house or apartment for the holidays. Today we will talk about New Year’s decor, decorate a Christmas tree this year, consider new trends, and design novelties.

What colors to dress up the Christmas tree this year

When choosing a Christmas tree decor, someone builds on the recommendations of the Chinese calendar or follows the rules of feng shui, Their taste guides someone, interior, room size, age of children, or, say, the presence of pets (when, for obvious reasons, it is impossible to allow use whatever you want in your jewelry).

1. Christmas Decoration

For some, a Scandinavian Christmas tree without toys is a fashion trend. Still, for some, such a design does not resonate in their souls: either the holiday is ahead. And someone wants to hang everything on the tree at once. For example, the Americans, unlike the Scandinavians, prefer to decorate the forest beauty more luxuriously. The best option in their understanding is a Christmas tree “in red,” littered at the base with gifts wrapped in the color of balls.

2. Christmas decoration

According to the Eastern calendar, if you want to decorate the Christmas tree and attract good luck and prosperity at your place, try to please the symbol of this year – the Metal Bull. He will most of all like white, green, yellow colors and their shades in the decor. Moreover, white snowflakes, silvery bells, beads, balls, and flowing rain look great against the background of green spruce branches.

3. Christmas decoration

The blue-silver color scheme, combining cold shades of blue, white, blue, and silver due to the glare and magical shimmering of the balls, creates the feeling that the tree is sprinkled with a light snowball. This creates a winter mood and a festive atmosphere.

4. Christmas Decoration

For those who prefer to use brighter colors in their decor, designers suggest combining cold shades of light purple, cornflower blue, lilac, lavender with silver and white, keeping a cold palette in the overall composition and, if possible, avoiding warm shades of red, yellow, purple, orange.

5. Christmas decoration

Fashion ideas

6. Christmas decoration

In the 2020/2021 New Year’s decor, there is a trend towards using rich, bright colors, blue-green and crimson shades in combination with plant and animal prints, exotic leaves and flowers, and fantasy elements. For example, it can be nautical-style Christmas tree decorations or leopard print. Designers call this unusual direction “Tropics.”

The priority is for Christmas tree toys of all kinds of dark shades: graphite gray, deep emerald, wine, and even black. And among the color combinations – various shades of blue with brown and gold.

Decorations and toys in the form of balls decorated with embroidery, sequins, beads, velvet, and soft volumetric stars decorated with sequins and beads will look stylish on the New Year tree.

A definite hit is soft fluffy toys in soft hearts and stars made of faux fur, which go well with spruce needles.

A fashionable trend in decor this year is decorating with corrugated paper Christmas tree decorations. You can make paper pendants with your own hands, remembering labor lessons at school.

7. Christmas decoration

8. Christmas decoration

For example, a yellow hue goes well with blue (not to be confused with blue) and red. Such an outfit, making the forest guest bright and visually filling the entire space, will look harmonious in spacious and uncluttered rooms.

Orange also goes well with yellow (evokes an association with New Year’s tangerines) and golden tones, which create a sense of celebration.

9. Christmas decoration

The combination of green with beige and brown is entirely appropriate. This not a quite familiar combination of colors in the New Year’s decor creates a calm and, at the same time, festive composition.

10. Christmas decoration

The most obvious combination of colors will help update the interior: pink with orange and green. This decor looks good in a laconic modern interior.

11. Christmas decoration

You can dilute the recommended colors with red. However, the “in red” tree is probably not the best outfit in the year of the Metal Ox. But this is a traditional rich color, recognized as a classic of New Year’s decor, which contrasts perfectly with green spruce and makes the interior bright and stylish. So, if you love this color scheme, you can decorate the forest beauty with toys in red shades that go well with gold and silver.

12. Christmas decoration

If, when choosing a design, the decisive argument is a collection of already existing home New Year’s toys, you can get by with them, slightly updating it and replenishing it with several new sets of balls (for example, silver or gold).

13. Christmas decoration

14. Christmas decoration

If the tree branches are not thick enough (often with pine), you can add greenery with green balls or a green garland located at the same table.

The exciting idea is to use vintage toys (touching Christmas figures, old balls). The principle of preserving a certain number of shades is no longer critical here. The general mood, feelings, memories are important.

15. Christmas decoration

What is not recommended is hanging such art objects too tightly on the branches. Better to have fewer of them.

16. Christmas decoration

The benchmark for the interior involves the choice of Christmas tree decorations, based on two or three basic shades of the interior (the color of the walls, chairs, shades of metal fittings, the upholstery of the sofa, the color of the bedspread, etc.) can be taken as a basis.

17. Christmas decoration

New Year in Scandinavian style

It seems that the Scandinavian trend of last year with a minimal set of decorations in the interior and a small number of toys on the New Year tree (most often it is ordinary spruce or a small coniferous twig in a vase) has reached us. At first glance, a Scandinavian Christmas tree may seem unusual and not even festive at all. But the inhabitants of Northern Europe (Danes, Swedes, Norwegians) living on the Scandinavian Peninsula have a different opinion on this matter.

18. Christmas decoration

19. Christmas decoration

20. Christmas decoration

Scandinavian style is a restrained color scheme, simple decor, natural materials, and a unique cozy atmosphere.

21. Christmas decoration

22. Christmas decoration

23. Christmas decoration

One-color is usually chosen to decorate the Christmas tree and the house – most often white with silver.

24. Christmas decoration

25. Christmas decoration

26. Christmas decoration

Residents of Scandinavia are surprisingly not indifferent to white, which is always taken as the basis of any interior decorated in the Scandinavian style. For this reason, it is assigned a dominant role in decoration and textiles. Of course, this does not hurt to slightly dilute the white color scheme with the classic saturated red.

27. Christmas decoration

Consider the characteristic features of the New Year’s Scandinavian style.

  • Multiple lights effect

28. Christmas decoration

29. Christmas decoration

In the Scandinavian style, candles play a unique role. And this is an indispensable element of the interior during the New Year holidays.

The main focus of the design is on the natural beauty of the coniferous branches, decorated with many various candles in the most incredible candlesticks located nearby.

30. Christmas decoration

It could be a paper lantern in the shape of a fairytale city. You can dress up any piece of furniture that somewhat resembles a Christmas tree in a luminous outfit, for example, a stepladder or light candle tablets inside glass glasses.

31. Christmas decoration

32. Christmas decoration

A New Year’s candlestick can also be made from simple glass bottles by filling them with water and glycerin and placing a coniferous twig or another green plant inside. A candle of suitable diameter can be inserted into the neck from above.

33. Christmas decoration

  • Silver “rain” instead of tinsel

34. Christmas decoration

An extraordinary Scandinavian approach manifests itself to such decoration as a flowing “rain,” which they have not abandoned until now. The only limitation is not to use bright turquoise, pink, light green, and purple “rain.” This rule applies, by the way, to both New Year’s toys and garlands. In the silvery “rain color,” the corresponding decorations are selected: white and silvery.

By the way, many are interested in the question: is it fashionable to use “rain” now to decorate the Christmas tree and interior? For those who grew up in the Soviet Union, it is difficult to imagine a Christmas tree without the New Year’s “rain,” which traditionally ended the New Year’s tree decoration. Throwing shiny threads on the spruce branches meant almost complete readiness for the start of the holidays.

Over time, tinsel and balls replaced the silver and gold threads of the “rain from childhood.” And now, it is pretty rare to see him on the New Year’s beauty. But, apparently, the shiny multicolored tinsel, which has been in trend in recent years, is gradually beginning to be replaced by festive decor in the eco-design style, pursuing specific goals: as little plastic as possible and a minimum of harm to nature. Therefore, designers predict that the fashion for a New Year tree in the “rain” is returning to us again.

  • Natural materials

35. Christmas decoration

Everything is used to decorate the interior and the Scandinavian Christmas tree and create the right atmosphere. Moreover, the primary material used in this case is wood: wooden toys, spruce twigs, cuts, stands, just a bundle of logs for the fireplace.

To create original decor, you can store interior gadgets and stale at home or found on the street. For example, long rods from a forest or park, spray-painted silver, can be an alternative to a Christmas tree. Having removed New Year’s decorations from them after the holiday, they can decorate the interior.

36. Christmas decoration

Branches with berries from the winter forest can be put in a jar of water, and a Christmas wreath can be woven from pine needles or vines.

  • Circles instead of stars

37. Christmas decoration

Last year’s Christmas and New Year wreaths of various materials, brightly decorated with ribbons, berries, toys, and pine cones, were most often in the shape of a star. That cannot be said about this season.

Today, lovers of following the fashion in the decoration of the New Year’s interior try to make ordinary round wreaths from pine needles and practically without decorations.

38. Christmas decoration

The Christmas wreath can be hung outside the window rather than indoors or on the front door.

39. Christmas decoration

  • Improvised ball garlands

40. Christmas decoration

Even with such a minimalist approach to decorating a Christmas tree, I still really want to use somehow the Christmas tree decorations that have accumulated in the box over many years. Designers offer such a way out: to make an impromptu garland of balls, string them on a satin ribbon, and decorate with it, for example, a wall, which is the main accent in the festive decoration.

But it is not suggested to use more than two colors in any New Year’s decor to not ripple in the eyes. And if there is a bright garland on the tree, sparkling with lights of different colors, no more color support is needed. The best option is to add a box of solid-colored balls.

Those who do not like bright colors and unnecessary color accents can decorate the Christmas tree with transparent glass and acrylic garland. The green needles of the Christmas trees, as if sprinkled with crystal, look great.

Garlands of light bulbs on ropes (including jute ones), which fit perfectly into loft and eco styles, are still prevalent in the New Year’s set of decorations.

As in the past year, designers are urging not to use special wrapping paper for gift wrapping. Instead, colorful and bright remnants of wallpaper are used. It turns out no less beautiful, and space is freed up for storing the necessary things.