When working from home you want to have access to a space that helps you stay focused and get things done, without too many distractions from the rest of the household. It doesn’t matter how large or small your home office is going to be, there are key steps you can take to create a stylish, productive home office that enables you to work quietly and comfortably when needed. From simple design features to keeping things neat and tidy, the following tips will help you to create the perfect workspace.

Creating a Fresh Desk Set-up

Having a neat and organised desk set-up is essential to ensuring you can work comfortably and efficiently. Your desk is a space for motivation, focus and creativity, so it’s important to get everything from the layout to the decorative touches right. Start by selecting a handful of key items that you need to get through the working day, as these are the pieces that you need to be able to incorporate into your overall set-up. You can then focus on introducing unique touches to make the desk area feel fresh and inspiring, from stylish home accessories like these, to your favourite books, artwork or other creative pieces that will help to inspire you and keep your creative juices flowing.

Space Considerations

Depending on the most practical location of your home office, you want to try and choose a spot that is going to be left in peace for the majority of the day. You don’t want your office to be in the living room if you have young children running around all day, just like you don’t want to work in the hallway if you know people will be going past constantly. Choose a spot that is as quiet as possible and out of the way so that you can crack on with your day with as few distractions as possible.

Stylish Home Office

Staying Organised

it doesn’t matter if you’re a lover of all things stationary or not, there’s no denying that having essential items to help keep your home office organised is crucial. Keeping things organised helps to keep a clear mind, saves time and also helps to keep your space neat and tidy, so it’s always worth investing in some stylish folders, files and desk accessories to keep things where they should be. By eliminating clutter and only having access to what you really need at the time, your workspace will feel lighter and fresh, making it much easier to concentrate and get your work done.

Personal Touches

One of the main benefits from having an office in the comfort of your home is being able to take full control of the décor. Gone are the days where you have to sit in a corporate feeling office space and make do with the dreary colour schemes and old-fashioned furnishings. Now, you can introduce motivational artwork, bright colours and personal touches that will create a fresh, vibrant space for you to call your own. From family photographs to help get you through those tougher days, to gimmicky items that are ideal for those 10 minutes of procrastination between meetings, you can introduce subtle personal touches to your home office to really make it a space designed for you.