As we transition into the colder months, it’s common to put off turning on the heating for as long as possible to try and save every possible penny. But is doing this really the best way to save money? 

Obviously, you don’t need the heating on until it starts getting cold, but if your heating systems have been lying dormant during the summer months, there’s a chance you may run into unexpected issues.

After not being used for half the year, boilers can suffer from common problems in the winter. The last thing you want is to be left with no heating, covered by seven layers, and shivering inside the cold box that used to be your home.

It’s said that the best time to get heating appliances like your boiler serviced is in the summer. The logic is that there are more engineers and boiler parts available at this time, so you won’t have to wait as long for a repairman. In the winter, engineers are busier with customers who have discovered those common boiler problems.

If you missed your chance in the summer, don’t fret. Warmth isn’t just for the hyper-organized. Here’s a guide on what heating engineers can do for you and how you can optimise your gas and heating for now and the future.

The Importance of Boiler Servicing

Boiler servicing isn’t just good for preventing breakdowns; it can also be part of your boiler’s warranty that you have it serviced every 12 months. So if you want to do everything you can to save money, then investing in regular boiler servicing is important. 

Not only will you save money if you need a repair within warranty, but a boiler service will pick up on any possible issues that could be causing your bills to skyrocket.

If you are reading this during the cold months and you’re stuck with a broken furnace repair Toronto near me and you may be able to find a local company that operates 24/7 for emergencies. Don’t go thinking that if your heating stops in the evening, you’ll just have to suffer a cold night, shivering yourself to sleep until you can call an expert during normal working hours.

What Can Heating Engineers Do for Me?

Not just limited to boiler servicing and repair, gas and heating engineers can perform a number of duties to make sure your house and appliances are working their best this winter. 

They can perform installations of appliances, including boilers, if yours is broken beyond repair or you’re treating yourself to an upgrade. Gas-safe heating engineers can also install things like cookers, which is good news for the culinary geniuses out there. 

Though there’s not many on the market, a Gas Safe engineer can also install gas tumble dryers. These can be much cheaper to run than most of your typical electric dryers, but they’re tricky to install, so you’ll need an expert. Though you might consider it a niche product, it could be a good investment, and it’s yet another thing heating engineers can do for you.

Other Services

Your local heating engineers can perform fault finding, which is similar to boiler servicing but with any appliance within your central heating system. If you’re having a problem with your radiators and find that they’re not heating up evenly, you can call a heating engineer to take a look. 

While it’s possible to perform a radiator bleed yourself, which will clear trapped pockets of air that block the warm water, you’ll need a professional to perform a power flush to clear sludge from your radiator.

Clearing your radiators will mean that your heating will flow as it should, and you won’t have to turn the settings up to overcompensate—and risk getting higher heating bills.

Heating Engineers Can Even Help You Move House

If you’re completely happy with how your gas equipment is working but you’re moving house, certain gas and heating engineers can help you keep your trusted or sentimental heating appliances. 

They can perform what is known as a “cap off” service, where they stop the gas connection. This needs to be done in order to disconnect any gas appliances, and you can then move them to another property. This option is especially useful for businesses that want to relocate but keep all of their equipment, such as restaurants (or laundromats that use gas tumble dryers).

As you can see, heating engineers can keep your heating system running in tip-top shape and help you save money, so if you like to keep costs down and coziness up, consider contacting one today.