Doors also require proper care and maintenance like any other piece of furniture in your home. You don’t really think about caring for them but good looking doors enhance the beauty of your house and its market value. You have most probably spent much money and time picking an appealing entrance door. So caring for it is the right way to protect your investment and maximize its operation and durability. Here are some tips to keep your front door looking good for years to come.

Clean it Well:

Clean it Well
Take the time out to thoroughly clean your front door every few months. But dusting off your door once a week is a good practice. Remember to clean it on both sides. Regular cleaning will save you time and money from repainting or recoating. Cleaning your door does not take much time and effort. Mix a small amount of shampoo or dish soap in warm water and wet the sponge to scrub the door surface. This method will remove all the dirt and stains without leaving scratch marks.

Rinse the soapy residue with plain water to avoid discoloration and stains. If you have a wooden door, it’s important to dry it out because wood holds moisture. Putting a fan nearby will help the door dry rapidly. Don’t ignore the door edges and frame while cleaning. Remember to clean the door knob and sanitize it to kill the bacteria.

Check your Door Regularly:

You should also keep checking the door condition to identify any required restoration. It’s better to get it fixed sooner than later. Finishing of the door paint is crucial. The finish protects the wood so keep an eye out for the faded, cracked, or peeled finishes and dullness of the door surface. If your door has these problems, recoat it to avoid further damage. The wooden frames of the door must also be checked for any cracks.
Check your Door Regularly
If you see that the door does not fit the frame and doesn’t close properly, you need to tighten the hinge screws. Moisture can also get in your wooden door or frame and rot it. It also blisters the paint. Seek the help of a service provider and get it repaired soon because moisture can spread further. In case of severe damage, it is recommended to replace with one of the new Doors Toronto.

Occasional Lubrication:

Occasional Lubrication
Pay attention to the moving parts of your door like hinges and door knobs. Proper lubrication after regular periods will play a part in its health and functionality. It will make your door noise free, smooth, and easy to operate. Choose the right lubricant for your door because the wrong product can harm the door material.

Inspect its locks as well. Look for the rust, dirt or improper mechanism of the lock and get it fixed. Your front door, in particular, needs proper maintenance, but internal doors also need the same kind of care. Make sure that you maintain all the doors in your house.