One of the most comfortable spaces in a home is supposed to be the living room. It usually has all the essentials of getting comfortable: a couch, a TV, and a coffee table. But if you find that your living room is small and cramped, then perhaps you might not find it comfortable to be in at all.

You might believe that there’s nothing you can do about a small living room, but that’s not actually the case. Here are some useful tips and tricks on how you can make your living room look bigger.

Replace Your Windows

Did you know that old and dingy windows can reduce the amount of light entering your home, making it look smaller? Natural light has a way of making spaces look bright and bigger, so replacing your old units with long lasting quality windows that will let the light in is a great idea.
Replace Your Windows
You could even consider installing bay or bow windows which extrude outwards from the wall of your home to create more room and allow even more light in. They’re a beautiful investment if you can afford them.

Keep it Simple

If your living room seems small it might be because you have too much stuff in it. Try to get rid of some things that you don’t need and consider using built-in shelving in order to clear up some space.

Do you have any books that you don’t read anymore? What about knick-knacks hanging around on the mantle? Is there an old rocking chair that gets in the way? Remove some of the clutter and you will definitely notice a difference.

Add a Large Rug

You might think it’s counterintuitive to add a large rug to a small room, but it can actually create an illusion of it looking bigger. The key is to have the rug come out far past the edges of your furniture which makes the space look wider.

Utilize a Focal Point

Choose one aspect of the room that will draw the eyes of visitors and take away from the fact that the room is small. If you do have bay or bow windows, this could be the piece you’re looking for.
Utilize a Focal Point
Otherwise, use something like a large and eye-catching painting to put above your couch. You could also put a large mirror on one of the walls. Not only will it draw people’s gazes in but it will also reflect light from the window back into the room, which is a huge bonus.

Paint with Bright Colours

Dark-painted walls will only make a room look smaller. The brighter your walls, the bigger your living room will look. Choose colours like white, off-whites, beiges, and light or cool greys.

Make sure the furniture you choose matches your bright colouring scheme, and when you want a pop of colour stick to doing that with your cushions, rugs, plants, throw blankets, and other décor.

Get Inspired

Looking for some visual inspiration? Check out these images on Pinterest so you can have some guidance on how to make your small living room look great.