The garden room is a modern space in the home these days. It’s an extension of your living area and can be used for entertaining as well as relaxation. You might not have even considered all the different ways you could use this space before, but we’re here to change that! In this post, we’ll explore these ideas on how to create a beautiful garden room for your home.

What do you put in a garden room?


There are so many uses for a summer room, from a pantry to a relaxing summer spot. These are just some ideas to make it a bit more unique

claimed wood makes an excellent material for furniture. You could also put in an old couch or piece of furniture that you found at the estate sale, antique shop, or thrift store.

Add some colorful pillows and blankets on top of your reclaimed sofa for added comfort and style. A chaise lounge chair is another attractive option if you don’t have enough space to add a full-sized bed in this room!

If there’s not much sunlight coming into this area, make sure to consider adding window treatments such as sheers or linen curtains, so it doesn’t feel too dark inside here all day long. And one last tip: try hanging plants from the ceiling with twine–they’ll look like they’re growing.

Create a calm cabin to escape the sun

Sometimes it is just too hot in the sun and having a place to escape is one of the best features, without doubt, you can have. To be able to escape the sun and heat at any time during the day is priceless.

First things first, you must make sure there’s plenty of windows to let natural light in! The more window space you have, the better so people can enjoy escaping to an excellent cabin whenever they need it. You’ll also want tall ceilings with large open spaces for making this cosy escape even more inviting. Lastly, as always–make sure all your furniture has some shade from direct sunlight when possible! It will help keep you cool while enjoying time spent inside these walls.


Create a welcoming footpath

This is crucial. The room needs to be welcoming to everyone, so having a welcoming footpath will help your guests find their way in. It may seem like a simple detail, but it’s an important one!

Displaying plants and flowers from the outside can also help to make this room feel more natural. There are many types of walkways you could create–some go around the entire room while others only lead into certain parts of the room. Just make whatever you think will help with the flow.

Build the perfect home office

More people are working from home, so making sure you have the perfect home office very important. One of the first things you really need to consider when building a new room would be where they might place their desk and what furniture needs to go in there.

Also, please make sure the workstations are in keeping with other functions for the room so you can quickly make it a summer room.

Get a secluded spot in your garden

Take your time when it comes to where to place your garden room, as this is a part of your home that’s going to be used for years. Consider getting a secluded spot, so you can enjoy the peace when it comes time to relax.

Creating an outdoor living room

This comes back to if you build it for multi-uses, an office and an outdoor living room. The key is to make sure you create it so you can change the use in seconds, one second a practical office then next to a perfect outdoor living room.


Its not all about summer

This is essential; when you build it, there are a couple of ways to do this, one is a full-on bespoke structure, and others buy a shack that they convert. If you get a build it yourself shack, there are some key things to consider.

-One foundation needs to be solid

-Two is insulation, insulate the inside and drywall the inside; when winter comes, you will want to use it still. Talking about insulating the shack, you must seal the windows and any gaps correctly. The best sealant on the market for so many uses is np1 sealant, and this can go round the window and anything else that needs to be sealed. All-round great sealant.

These are the key points to a solid home built garden, solid foundations to excellent insulation, making sure every hole is sealed come the winter you will be thanking me for this tip.

It’s essential to take your time and truly think about how you would like your garden room to function for it to be a space that is both beautiful, functional, and meets all of your needs. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor living space or one where you can host cocktail parties with friends – an outroom is the best solution for you! Take some time today and explore our ideas on creating a dreamy garden room at home.