Industrial decor is a pretty popular trend that can give your home a factory look. One of its most important defining characteristics is the use of exposed steel. Other features are the painted brick walls and rustic wood. This design style tries to combine different elements to create an organic mix that can definitely revitalize a home with a modern twist.

Borrowing inspiration from factories and department stores, the industrial style has a unique architectural look that you would normally expect in the urban landscape. It makes use of various details such as the ceiling beams and metal reinforcements. There are multiple ways to decorate your home in the industrial style. We will explain the most interesting ones and we will give you some tips to redesign your living space using this aesthetic.

Color palette

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When you want to decorate the room in a certain style, it is always recommended to start by choosing the appropriate color palette. This is an essential process because all the pieces and elements you use when designing the room must depend on the color options.

Industrial style favors aged and worn tones, from earthy accents to tones of steel and iron. Brown and burnt colors are also widely used in this design style. If you stick with a rustic color scheme, you shouldn’t have a problem achieving the desired effect.

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Metallic tones play an important role in this design style and you will probably need some additional whites or grays and natural wood to keep the palette balanced.

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Having exposed brick would be a great advantage, as you will be able to make use of a generous amount of rusty red. Don’t worry if you don’t really have actual brick walls available because there are many coatings that look like bricks, even wallpaper. With the help of this brick wall, you can use a varied range of accent colors when arranging the other decorative elements.

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Before deciding on specific furniture and decorations, it is essential to know the key elements used in the industrial style. It will help you imagine the future look of the industrial room.


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While other elements are also important, metal represents a true powerhouse when it comes to industrial style. It is welcome in a wide range of styles, such as rusted and galvanized. You can not only trust it for its aesthetics alone, but it can also be used for highly functional pieces.


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Metal tends to provide a cool look, so a warmer element such as wood is needed. While natural wood with a refined look is not necessarily frowned upon in the industrial home, it is recommended that you try to keep this item in a rough state. The idea is that the wooden pieces and articles suggest through their appearance that they have been recovered and reused.


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Leather in all its forms represents a charming material for the entire utilitarian base of the industrial style. Whether elegant or worn-out, leather has the ability to make any living space feel more inviting. Try using it to accentuate furniture and other accent pieces.


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Brick is a staple of any industrial interior. When trying to imagine a classic industrial look, you might think of an old warehouse with stained concrete and aged brick.

Industrial accents

Using the right elements will result in a complete industrial look. These are the most important accents that can help you decorate with an industrial touch.


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Industrial space can benefit from the visual impression created by various mechanical elements, such as gears, nuts, and bolts. Small details displayed in all their mechanical glory add a welcome artistic effect to any industrial home. Think of pulleys and gears. There are many possibilities to include mechanical accents in the decoration.


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This is an elegant detail that can bring a timeless feel to any industrial room. Rivets are pieces that can act as compelling accents for various industrial items.

Pipes and wires

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When it’s time to add some finishing touches, pieces that use wires are recommended. Lights in wire cages and metal baskets are reminiscent of industrial locations where proper protection is mandatory.

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While maintaining the same purpose, these items are also very pleasing to the eye.


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Industrial style furniture mainly uses unfinished wood. In order for your coffee table to really look like it belongs in industrial decor, it must be constructed of raw wood. And for an enhanced effect, it is recommended to purchase a table with exposed metal legs.

When it comes to sofas and chairs, the main element to focus on is leather. There is a lot of freedom here, as you can opt for a more traditional model or a more modern low sofa. In case you’re not a huge fan of leather upholstery, there are other options to consider. Linen sofas and chairs are good alternatives.


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In the industrial style, rugs should ideally blend in with their surroundings. This means you should avoid flashy colors and stick to faded and textured rugs. Choose simple patterns without abstract art or simple geometric styles.

Darker shades of gray, blue, and red might work well to match your other industrial pieces. If you want a more interesting rug, you can try an oriental style or a more traditional or ethnic woven rug. Additional dynamism can be achieved with the carpet layering technique.


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Accessories play an important role in finishing off the look of your new industrial home. For example, when it’s time to select cushions, choose something that emphasizes texture. Whether you prefer rustic or leather models, both go quite well with industrial design.

Many small decorative elements can be used to complement each other. With furniture in neutral tones like those normally found in an industrial room, you could easily play with the contrasts in the decorative accessories.


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Lighting should definitely not be overlooked when trying to complete the industrial look of your home. There are generally two main categories of industrial lighting: vintage and modern.

One of the most appreciated lighting options to make the room look more industrial is to incorporate an exposed pendant lamp. We recommend Edison bulbs as their Old World look and soft orange glow fit well with industrial aesthetics.

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Ceiling lamps can have different shapes and forms. Some people may like a one-off statement piece with an oversized rusty cage, while others prefer several dimmer lights.

Wall art

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When it comes to covering those big cold walls in the living room, a quick fix is ​​to add some wall art. Large things like clocks and blueprints work very well. Not only does it add a visual point of interest, but it also keeps the space from feeling too empty and drab.

Industrial kitchen

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There are many places to look for inspiration for an industrial kitchen. For example, you can take inspiration from commercial cooking. You can use a breakfast bar, and set it up as a table to eat. You can turn the kitchen into a more functional workspace.

Add storage for an aesthetic purpose, like floating shelves. Many designers like the idea of ​​a home bar or a large kitchen island. With some interesting light fixtures and proper seating, you can make your guests enjoy a comfortable and quiet environment.

Industrial bedrooms

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When it comes to bedrooms, there are many creative options to choose from. Keep your bedding minimalist without sacrificing comfort. Attractive lighting details can make a difference.

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Bedding should be minimal but still successfully fulfill its aesthetic purpose as well. Try some linen-inspired curtains and quilts that can create a beautiful contrast to industrial architecture.

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Although all-white bedding may seem too simple, it can actually make a bold statement when paired with exposed brick and metal accessories.